Thursday, July 23, 2015


Hi Fam Bam!! 
I'm alive! Sorry my Pday wasn't until more than a week since I left! Talk about outfit repeating!! Just kidding. WOW the MTC has been CRAZYYY but so amazing. My companion is Sister Kimball. If you're wondering what she's like just picture me, and then the exact opposite. She is so cute and shy, but get her going and she has some pretty classic one liners. I am obsessed with my district and zone I love them so much. We're all going different places so I'll be really sad to leave them all. Me and Sister K are the only sisters in our district, and there are two sets of sisters in the other district in our zone and all 6 of us share a room. We've gotten in trouble two nights in a row for staying up and laughing our heads off - we all get along super well. Probably too well haha. I'll attach pics of them. Yeah it's just been a whirl wind. I've learned so much in the last week, probably more in the last week than in all my years of seminary. The spirit is amazing here, there is truly nothing better than singing Called to Serve with almost 2000 missionaries. 

We have been teaching 3 "investigators" and I would say it's going really well with all of them. Sometimes I feel like the Elders are progressing faster than me, which makes me like so mad haha. But I've been humbled and come to understand that the Spirit can't dwell with me if I'm constantly comparing myself to other missionaries and thinking about myself all the time! So it's been so humbling realizing I need to focus 150% on the investigator and more importantly exactly what God needs me to teach them. There have definitely been some ups and downs but mostly ups, don't worry I'm the happiest I've ever been. 

Dad, I got all 3 of your emails haha. They all came to me so don't worry nobody else is reading about that except me x3 LOL. Mom, thanks for the package! Shout out to you for reading my suggested package ideas and including gushers!! The sisters in my zone were all happy about that. Mom I did have to spend money on my card to buy some stuff at the Book Store so if you'll make sure there's the suggested amount before I leave. Which brings me to my next point of business....

I leave on Tuesday at 3:30 am. Well I leave the MTC at that time and my flight is probably around 7 so expect my call probs between 5-6 AM people AM so that means IN THE MORNING. I can't believe we're leaving soon like I feel like I just got here. But I feel so blessed that God is preparing me at such a rapid speed, I'll be ready. 

My friend from school is not in my district or zone but I see her all the time, and that girl I met in front of the temple is actually her comp! I love them both. 

One of my concerns here is that I would have to be serious 24/7 but that is sooo not the case. I have been laughing so hard every day which is so necessary for me not to be stressed. A few examples:
-Yesterday I straight up got crapped on by a bird. This is hilar because there are like covered walkways pretty much everywhere EXCEPT for when you cut corners. I was outside for all of like 3 seconds and BAM crapped on. So freaking funny hahahaha EXACT obedience brings blessings. Disobedience brings bird crap. 
- Sis K fell down the stairs hahahaha Our district was having a race up to the fifth floor and then back down to "release stress" and Sis K tried to jump to the last step but totally biffed and was doing that "can't stop the forward momentum run" and then fell and slid like 6 feet on the tile hahah I haven't laughed that hard in like 6 years. She totally flashed all the Elders because her legs were wide open! I'm seriously laughing so hard right now just thinking about it ahahaha
-I was also straight convinced that Pres.Uchtdorf was coming for the Devotional. Somewhere there is a really smug missionary who started that rumor and had us sprint to the cafeteria, wolf down a roll, and sprint to wait in line to get a good seat at Devo. Long story short he didn't come. Can't wait to use that one on the new missionaries.

Oh yeah! Sis K and I got called as Sister Training Leaders! So last night we had to give the New Missionary Orientation and give them a tour and stuff. Good times. 

Well I hope I relayed all the important info. Just know I'm happy and so blessed to be one of the Lord's ambassadors. There is nowhere else I'd rather be. Please forward this email to Dev, Dust, and Tar and put it on the blog so my fan club can read ;) Shout out to Kelsey Haddox and Ian for sending a package!! Shout out to Tara's friends Luana (hope spelled right) and Julia for checking up on me!! And Grandpa B for the letter and cool messages from Prophets! PS the $2 you sent was used to buy apple juice on a rough day, it brought me so much happiness haha.

I love you guys and pray for you daily. Talk to you soon.

Sister Broadhead

oh ps my hip is fine just pops a lot. 
pps I'm trying to figure out how to send pics, they might come later today when I'm doing laundry. 

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