Monday, August 3, 2015

Arrived in St. Louis!


Wow so much to tell you. I'm actually like majorly stressed out about this email I have to send... so much to say. 

OKAY. First of all I came here with 26 other missionaries from the MTC. I was ticked the whole time because it's the stupidest thing. Okay I say i was ticked but like how ticked can you be as a missionary... like not ticked at all. BUT STILL. So we had to wake up at 2:00 am to get ready and finish packing. Just to go STAND IN LINE to turn in our key. THEN we had to go SIT ON A BUS for like 40 minutes to wait for all the pudges that didn't wake up on time. Finally we leave and I'm like "yes finally here we come St. Louis!!!" then they dropped us 2 minutes down the road AT THE TRAX STATION HAHAHA I was like are you kidding me. But at this point there were like 100 missionaries that were going to the airport, only 26 to MO. So yeah so funny we all had to shove onto the front runner and then pudge onto the green line and it would have just been so much easier to drive us there but WHATEVER. It was probs a test to see if we could make it on our own. So yeah we made it, what an adventure. OH MY my mission president and his wife are a DREAM. They are like so fit, have the whitest teeth, and they are just so cute!! So they picked us up with their assistants and helped all 26 of us get our stuff. Sis Morgan was so cute and brought us snacks it was adorable. The second i stepped outside It was basically like stepping into a full on steam room and I was like "you've got to be kidding me. Where's Utah I'll start walking" hahah but actually that day was wicked hot and it hasn't been bad since then. So THEN we all drove to the temple to take a group photo which... Sis Morgan said she would send that home not sure if she did. Then to the mission home which was sooo cute! We had a delish meal and I was so happy not to have to eat MTC food again. I got to stay in a hotel with my comp and 2 other sisters I knew because there were so many of us and it was a DREAM. 

So when they tell you your area at Transfer meeting it's like the reaping. They have you stand at the pulpit and read the paper. So I'm like "Hi I'm Sister Broadhead...(the AP points to my name and I see where I'm going and with who) and i say...I'm serving in St. Louis YSA with Sister Walker!" and all the other missionaries cheer and Sis Walker comes running up it's HILARIOUS. 

So yeah! I'm in the YSA branch and it's AMAZING! The Branch President and his whole family have been so amazing to Sis Walker and I. His wife took us from Transfer meeting to the store and got us groceries and hooked us UP! I'm like she just met me and she's being sooo kind. Well little did I know, literally everyone in St. Louis has that same kindness and generosity. I have yet to meet a mean or grumpy person. Something we could work on in UT, just sayin. Yeah our apartment is wicked nice. It rocks haha. And Sis Walker is the BEST! She's from Brigham City and she's super super nice and laughs at all my jokes which is awesome. We also have a wicked nice Ford Focus haha so Tara, I was right. But having all these nice things doesn't make it easy by any means. We still have our struggles. We got "whitewashed" which basically means we are both new to the area and have no idea what's going on. At Transfer meeting everyone kept saying "hey Sister Broadhead nice to meet you! Can't believe they're whitewashing you!" and I would smile and nervously laugh and be like "heh yeah no way...!" Like I had no idea i thought at any moment someone would have like a bowl of shave ice that they were gonna shove on my face haha. So finally I was like "what the heck is whitewashing and when is it gonna happen to me!" haha finally someone told me. But it's been okay! We built a HUGE map in our apartment and we're trying to figure out like where all the investigators live, and less actives, recent converts etc etc because our area is literally ALL of St. Louis county which is massive. So we have to be smart as to how we use our miles. Also everyone in the branch keeps telling us we have big shoes to fill from the other sisters, which is awesome! But intimidating. So far I think it's going good.

We have like 3 investigators, but most of our work has been with less actives. It's amazing because I always wondered why God let me go through that hard time in school when I was less active and struggled hard core. But my experiences are already blessing people here because I can relate! And I tell them like look i've been there! But it's just absolutely not worth it. So it's been a huge blessing already. Gosh I love it here. I get choked up just thinking about the kindness that people have shown me. People here are so good, and I'm so blessed to be serving here. Sister Walker and I have just been overwhelmed with gratitude. Even this LA that we've been talking to is like "seriously if someone cancels on you, just call me. I'll just order a pizza." He's SO NICE and here we are trying to get him to come back to church and being all annoying but he's like so genuine and AHH I just love it here. 

So mom, I kinda jumped the gun on the whole ipad thing. My MTC branch pres told me that, but my Mission pres is anti-ipad. Which so am i, so it's awesome. I'll let you know if anything changes. I might need to buy a GPS though soooo yeah. Keep the money in there. 

I'm trying to think if i've left anything out... i've been taking tons of pics i'll try to attach them. Things are good here. Sooo great. My shoes are good DAD not worried. OH! One of the members of the branch is about to graduate from Chiropractic school so she aligns us haha! She's super amazing. My back is perfectly straight now. She also worked on my hip because it was acting up on Sun but now it feels great! haha it was my first chiropractor experience and it was wicked funny. I'll send a pic.

Well I'm sorry about the pool! that sucks way bad! RIP pool! Glad you guys have been good.
Oh! My new address is 4239 Summit Knoll Dr. Apt D St. Louis, MO 63129. I asked Sister Blair to text it to you, Mom, but idk if she ever did. 

Okay I love you guys! I'll try to attach pics but who knows. Still working hard in St. Louis!
(ok actually I'll just try to send pics in a different email. gotta hurry and email pres morgan)

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  1. fun to read. I'm sure her Chiropractor friend knows Nate. Thanks for sharing. Love you... Sandi Martin