Monday, August 31, 2015

August 24th-31st, 2015

Hey Fam!

Wow I love reading your emails. You guys are genuinely hilarious. Mom yes I got your giftcards!!! THANK YOU! I totally forgot to say thanks last pday, but we are so grateful. Yes there are subways here and we went and used them after the city museum last week!! :) We took pics of us eating it... if you want those for proof lol. Sounds like the drama around there is canning nectarines lol all of you told me about that! Send me some! 

Yeah mom they called me about the package but I haven't had a chance to pick it up yet!! Hopefully today. In the future you can send them to the arpartment :) either way.
I can't even believe it's the last week of the transfer. Missionary time is so freaky. But we'll stay for another transfer for sure.. maybe even more. Dustin said my emails are novels... so i'll try to keep it short this week. Probs won't happen. I basically treat you all like my journal and just spill my heart lol.

Well we had a great week!! Dominique has been avoiding us like the plague... it's so sad. She was progressing so rapidly. Unfortunately Satan is the most annoying ever and she has a lot of doubts now. We'll keep trying though. We're still teaching Ashley and her little sister Jaysmine... they're awesome. And Pascal, that genius. We had a really good lesson with him this week. He has so many good questions and it's awesome because they can all be answered with the gospel!!! Ahh it's joyous. And Rickey! Our transfer miracle! I can't remember if I told you guys about him so I'll quickly recap.... We were contacting at the mall because it's like YSA heaven and we can talk to so many people... and I saw this cowboy. But the first time I saw him we were talking to someone else. Then we saw him AGAIN but we were also talking to someone else. The third time we saw him I told Sister Walker we had to go talk to him I really feel like we need to talk to him. So after we give our little message he says "no way, I have been looking for a church like that!" Basically I was in shock. So he's been coming to church every week and we've been meeting with him twice a week! Last lesson, his Grandma who is hardcore Lutheran came out to interrogate us, but by the end she said "I think people are wrong about you people, you girls are very genuine." So it was awesome to change her opinion on us Mormons!! Haha she's way cool, another referral for other missionaries though. So yeah all of our investigators are doing great. When we told our branch president about Rickey he was so surprised. He said "Sisters, do you believe in MIRACLES?!" haha we were like YES! So it's been pretty cool.

Today we're going to the zoo with the Frontenac Sisters. So many cool things to do here in St. Louis. I just love it here and all the amazing, kind, genuine people.

My positivity training was great! It went super well. You guys should all look up the talk Missionary Work and the Atonement by Elder Holland. That's what I based it off of, it's an amazing talk.

I have been studying a lot out of the Book of Mormon. Today specifically I read the chapters where Alma is talking to each of his sons, and the chapter he gives to Heleman is super awesome. You should all read that, it's way motivating.

I am so grateful to be a part of this work, and to be a member of this church. I can't remember if I told you our Branch President's wife is President Hinkley's granddaughter.... her parents (so President Hinkley's daughter and her husband) came to speak to the branch and we were lucky enough to go. She said something that we've been thinking about. She said "what did we do in the pre existence to deserve this gospel. We are so lucky to have the truth." And it's so true! We are so blessed. Thanks for all the emails. I love you guys and appreciate the constant support. You're in my thoughts and prayers always. Let me know the missionary work you're doing!! *hint hint cough cough* keep doing missionary work :)

Love you and have a great week!!! (i'll send pics in another email) 

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