Monday, January 25, 2016

January 18th-25th, 2016

We had a really blessed week. It sounds like all of you did too. First and foremost DOMINIQUE GOT BAPTIZED! I am so happy. President let me call her last night and talk with her about her baptism and she was so so happy which makes me so so happy. I also got to talk to the YSA sisters about how Kurt and Haley are doing too :) I love recent converts.
We saw a lot of miracles this week! The first one that comes to mind just happened this weekend. We felt prompted to do service for a less active sister, and we just thought we would leave a nice note because she wasn't home. We went a little crazy and covered her door with sticky notes with nice happy messages. She texted us a 3 page text the next day about how when she saw it she burst into tears because she needed it so much. She had a terrible weekend and it was the perfect time. We met with her last night and she kept saying how grateful she was, as a result she said she was willing to be a visiting teacher and attend relief society with us which she has never done in her life. It's amazing how small acts of service soften peoples hearts. We had a great lesson about how to protect and nurture the last little ounce of faith we have left. She said the closing prayer and thanked Heavenly Father for sending us at the perfect time with all the sincerity of er heart and asked for help to protect and nurture her seed of faith. Moments like that make it all worth it.
We did the stop smoking program that the church made with a recent convert named Tera this week. It was so cool to go through that process with her and to see how in quitting smoking, also in life, that we need to commit 100% or we won't be successful. There can't be any doubt or we've already failed. Faith and fear cannot coexist. There is also something so satisfying about crushing peoples cigarettes haha. I've gotten to do that a couple times on my mission and I just love smashing those guys up! They are terrible. It was also amazing to teach her that the Atonement of Jesus Christ is real, and we can rely on it to get us through anything. The steps in the stop smoking program are simple, they aren't the latest science or anything new or unheard of. But they focus the person on the Atonement, repentance, and change. So cool!
We are teaching someone named Raji, she's from India and she is so cool. We taught her the Word of Wisdom and she committed to give up coffee with no problem at all! Once she understood it came from a Prophet she didn't question anything, when we saw her at church I said "Raji! how has it been going without coffee?!" She said in the CUTEST little accent "good! I bought hot cocoa instead. You like cocoa? What brand you drink?" Hahah I love her.
I love these corn fields here in Illinois! These people are so welcoming and Christlike. It's been so fun being around families. I love my life! Miss you and love you all. Have a great week! Thank you for all the support.

Sister Broadhead

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