Thursday, February 4, 2016

January 25th-February 1st, 2016

Hello Family!

I hope you all had a great week. Sounds like you did! We had a great week here in Mahomet! We ran out of miles for our car.... oops. So we had a great time walking and getting rides! So grateful that we have a new month of miles haha! 

We were able to teach our cute investigators this week. Charlene, Raji, and Sonja. We need to FIND MORE haha that's all we have right now. But the best way to do missionary work is through the members so we were brainstorming how to do that better, and low and behold in answer to our prayers, on Friday night the Bishopric asked me to give a talk on "Member Finding Efforts" so that was a great opportunity on Sunday to help inspire and motivate the ward! To also give some training because I think a lot of members think they have to force their friends to meet with us but there are sooo many ways to be a member missionary. Hopefully good things come from that! After Sacrament meeting a member asked me to write out my talk and give it to her because she loved it so much so that's a good sign haha! Knocking doors is not the most effective way to do this work, and that's what we've been doing! 

Also this week our zone has been doing this thing called "Epistles" it's basically twitter for missionaries. We send little texts that are basically tweets to the zone leaders and they send it to the rest of the zone. It's HILARIOUS. But I figured I would send you ours to sum up our week. Our epistle name is @futureMrsMoroni... It was @MahometMoriancumer but nobody got it so we switched haha.

@futureMrsMoroni When you're at a members house for dinner and the dad rips a fart and NOBODY laughs and you're trying to hold it in thinking "wow these people are really mature"

@futureMrsMoroni Just tried to give a Book of Mormon to Bill Cosby's twin. #ThoughtHeWasInPrison #HeRejectedUs

@futureMrsMoroni preaching a round about sermon at Dairy Queen by having a really loud gospel conversation. "WOW THIS GOSPEL JUST BLESSES FAMILIES SO MUCH." #liveEpistle

@futureMrsMoroni When a lady has you try spoonful after spoonful of her home made mustard and then she tells you after you eat it she's been fermenting the seeds for months... #tipsy #WordOfWisdom? 

@futureMrsMoroni Been stopped at a railroad crossing for 20 minutes. The train is stopped on the tracks across the road. We don't have enough miles to turn around and go back down this long county road. #WaitingItOut 

@futureMrsMoroni at what we thought was the end of our dinner appointment, the dad asked us to share the message we brought. We shared the message then offered to clean up, he said no that's okay they aren't done eating. Then walked us to the door and we left. Looked back through the window and they really did keep eating... #sorry? 

It has been pretty hilarous reading other missionaries experiences too haha! So many crazy things. 

We had a great week! Thanks for all you do! 

the pics
1. making home made crayons with Mikey!
2. oh beautiful Mahomet Illinois. 

Love, Sissy B

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