Tuesday, March 29, 2016

March 21st-28th, 2016

Family! Life is so great.

We went to see the Amish last week which was pretty awesome. I love the Morefields! Sounds like you guys had a productive week. If Tara is moving back into my room.......... don't even tell me. She's gonna have a hay day with my closet but whatevs. 

This week was seriously awesome. So I'm an idiot and thought we were out of miles. At the beginning of the week we were planning where we really needed to drive and where we could walk. So let me just tell you, I have never walked so much in my life and I know I'm being completely dramatic but have you guys ever walked 10 miles in cheap Walmart shoes?? Lol it was HILARIOUS. We legit felt like pioneers and had a great time being as dramatic as possible. Long story short I'm super bad at math and we did have miles hahahaha we laughed and laughed. Then cried because our legs hurt. 

We got 2 new investigators! Just a result of talking to everyone we see. Miracles truly happen when we're obedient and work our hardest. Heavenly Father always provides. We had great lessons this week. One of our new investigators named Bobbie has so much faith. She has an 11 year old son named Damion and they just LOVE the Book of Mormon. We were walking past one day and they wanted us to come in and read the Book of Mormon with them because they wanted help understanding it so we were reading and Damion just wanted to keep reading chapter after chapter haha! It was super cool to see. This week Damion is trying to be like Nephi :) I love life. We had some pretty awesome lessons with Sonja and Dennis too. They are amazing. Sonja loved the idea of Dennis baptizing her! He is taking the lessons and doing the commitments with her, so when she's ready to be baptized he'll be ready to baptize her. Pretty awesome. We told her that he could potenitally baptize her and the first thing she said was "that would be sexy!!" apparently she likes the idea of a husband with the Priesthood! 

Illinois is so windy. But beautiful!!!!!! People keep telling us it's tornado season. Springfield got hit the other day which is pretty close by. Who knows. But someone told us Mahomet rarely gets hit because it's in a "valley" i cracked up thinking it was a joke but they were serious haha. Illinois is so flat there are no "valleys" lolol it's still funny to me. But they said you can see the "valley" if you climb the bell tower at Lake of the Woods so that's what we're doing today. Can't wait to see the awesome valley!!! Haha cracking up. 

We had an awesome Easter! It was so great telling people about Jesus Christ this week. Mom we shared the cute symbols of Easter box with so many people this week and they all loved it!!! :) Pretty fun. I'm so excited for General Conference!! I hope you are all prepared to hear from our living Prophet and Apostles. It will be so great. Thanks for all the support! I love you all, talk to you in a week.

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