Monday, April 4, 2016

March 28th-April 4th, 2016

Dearest Family. I love you.

Wasn't general conference amazing???!! It is honestly the best weekend on the planet. I love it, I wish it was longer. We are so blessed to have a living Prophet and Apostles. Our Ward Mission Leader, Brother Allan, invited us to write 5 questions that we've been having and take them to conference! He said he did that as a missionary and ALL of them were answered. I know people say that a lot to take questions to conference, I had just never done it. So I really pondered 5 questions that I have been seeking answers to and THEY WERE ALL ANSWERED. It was one of the coolest experiences of my life. The answers weren't necessarily things the speakers said, some were, but some answers came from the spirit and were simply "stop worrying about it." We are so blessed. 

Life in Mahomet is the bee's knees. I know I always say this, but time goes so fast! I can't believe it's already P day again, and that this is the last week of the transfer. #yikes We had some pretty classic lessons this week. Last Monday night we were teaching Raji, and we asked her to pray specifically about baptism to see what God's will for her was. So she says the most powerful prayer and afterwards we were all silent for like 2 minutes and in my head I was like "oh man that was so awesome we're just relishing in the spirit she's totally getting an answer!!" Then after a long pause, Raji leans in all close and whispers to us, "banana, you like?" I'm like so confused so I whisper back, "what??" She leans in closer and with her little Indian accent whispers louder, "BANANA! I give you banana." So hilarious. She probably did feel the spirit, because I know I did. She also just loves to give us bananas. We also had a great lesson with Bobbie!! She has read all of first Nephi, she's so stellar. It's only been like a week. Usually our investigators read like MAYBE 2 chapters. We were like in shock of how much she's read, and how much she's got out of it. She had bookmarked a lot of pages that she had questions about, I love her. We had good lessons with Sonja too, we were hoping she could make it to conference because that would have answered a lot of her questions but she couldn't :( That's okay though. I still have faith she can overcome these questions she has! Her and Dennis are honestly the funniest people on this earth. We got a couple new investigators too! This one part member family just moved to Farmer City and the first time we went to visit the wife was like "so my husband is not a member, if you want to teach him, just come back!" We were like "WHAT?! OKAY!" Hahaha it was awesome. They have 4 really awesome kids!! We are obviously SO BLESSED. It's all because of obedience people. I'll preach that till I die. Obedience brings blessings. Not just as a missionary, in real life too. 

It's been pretty rainy this week, at one point we were out walking with no coats, no car, no umbrella and it started down pouring. We looked soooo good after that hahaha. Lesson learned. Love you all, thanks for all you do! The Lord lives and loves us! This is His work and His church.


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