Wednesday, March 16, 2016

March 7th-14th, 2016

Hello Family! I was really sad to hear about Travis. I'm so sorry, I will include their family in my prayers! Hopefully they can find healing in Christ. Sounds like everybody had a busy week. We did too! It was awesome. I feel like it was JUST monday and we were just barely emailing. I know I say this every week but time goes so fast! 

Our mission has set a goal to talk to EVERYONE we see. Every human. We started keeping track and obviously I wanted to get the most contacts so we talked to soooo many people. The people of Mahomet are gonna catch on and just stay inside because I will talk to them if I see them! Look out! Lol just kidding but we got 2 new investigators just from talking to everyone, so that was awesome. They had me talk about talking to everyone at Zone Conference because of our little gas station miracle, had to get everybody jacked. Miracles are so real! 

We had beautiful lessons with Sonja this week. She was in the hospital and going through a lot. Last week when she was doing so well I made the mistake of saying to Sister Christensen, "Sonja is doing really well, I hope nothing happens to distract her from the gospel!" next day bam trial. It always happens that way! The people I teach always seem to go through trials when they are doing what's right... doesn't it always seem to happen that way?! I hope it just brings her closer to Christ. She introduced us to her doctor as "her little Mormon girls" haha then asked us to pray for her and we said "we always do, you're always in our little Mormon hearts!" then she said, "you're in my little Mormon heart too."  We were like, "wait, are you calling your heart Mormon!?!?" She was like "yeah pretty much it is." We were like  YEEESSS!! #baptismanyone? 

Raji is doing so great too. She was nervous about baptism because if she moves back to Inida, the closest church is an hour plane ride away from her :( so we emailed the mission president in India to find out what her options are. There are members in her state, but they call in to Sunday Services. We're trying to figure that out. Hopefully she can build the faith and help grow the church there! She is so awesome. I love Raji haha she cracks me up! 

The cutie Stallsmith kids are doing great. They are too shy to go to Young Womens/Mens but they would LOVE it. We are really trying to get them involved. The youth leaders are going to try to go meet them this week in their home to make things easier for them. 

We were able to teach our 4 new investigators this week too. Laura, Lizzy, Brittney, and Cory. Pray for them! They all have a lot of potential. 

The weather is getting warm and everything is happy! I love being a missionary! This week we are handing out cards/promoting the new Easter Video! #Hallelujah. Card initiatives are so fun. You should all watch it and share it on social media! Jesus Christ lives, He is our Savior and Redeemer. We can find new life in Him. Finding new life by letting Him take our burdens and starting new over and over again. I love you all, I love this work!

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