Wednesday, March 9, 2016

February 29th-March 7th, 2016


I love your emails! Thanks for taking the time to send them, I appreciate it so much! We had a really great week, as always. The weather is warming up, hooray! I love this little town of Mahomet. We did lots of service this week, which is always good. Members love to send our parents pictures of us doing service haha. But it was cool because we were painting for a less active and her non member brother in law came over and we got to meet him! Later that week I felt like we should go visit him and his wife and they were so nice! Invited us back to help them plant when the weather turns. We didn't know this before, but Ande told us after her brother in law had jokingly told his wife "there are two missionaries over there helping Ande! Where can we get some of those??" Then the next day we knocked and his wife said "looks like God answered your prayer!!" Hahah so funny. I hope we can start teaching them! They are awesome. 

We had so many spirit filled lessons this week. Sonja and Dennis came to church! SO happy. Ande came with us to teach her, and her and Sonja got along so well, it was a friendship made in heaven! Member fellowship helps investigators soooo much.  We also had a beautiful lesson with Raji. She came to dinner at a members house with us and she has been struggling with the whole concept of prophets/Priesthood. So we watched a little conference excerpt and the whole family bore their testimony of prophets and it was SO POWERFUL. She came to church, of course. She's our stalwart. (I might have not used that word correctly but I'm trying to expand my vocabulary) 
We had a good lesson with the Stallsmith family too. They couldn't come to church this week, bummer. But they are doing great! It's kind of tricky teaching all young kids. My visual aids have had to be a little creative haha. But it's fun, I love being a missionary. 

I have been pondering this week about how my mission is truly shaping the person I will be for the rest of my life. Even the trials make me so much better. I talk about this all the time but I'm so grateful for that! This is our time to come to know God. Time is going too fast. I feel so much love for the people here! 

Love you all, have a great week! 

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