Friday, July 15, 2016

July 4th-11th, 2016

Family. Life is swell. 

Glad you hear you survived Trek! It will be an experience the youth can always look back on and be grateful for. Are Devin and Tara dead? Or do they just hate me? Can't believe Wade is already back! Time goes so fast it blows my mind!!!!!!!! 

Let me just tell you about the blessings we saw this week. The youth invited THREE nonmember friends to mutual this week. I look up to the youth of the Fenton ward so stinking much. Also two of the priests studied and taught Kayla about the Priesthood this week for her lesson. SO TENDER. They will be the best missionaries. So the mission is really focusing on inviting people to baptism. We're supposed to invite every lesson, so if we report as teaching 10 lessons we should have 10 baptismal invites or else we're not really fulfilling our purpose. Make sense? So this week sooo many of our lessons fell through. Our part member families are just so busy we couldn't meet with them. The whole week I was just thinking about when the Assistants call us for our numbers they're gonna chew us out for not having a lot of baptismal invitations. So Saturday night I was praying my little heart out that we could find new people to teach and be able to invite them to get baptized. So after church we were teaching Kayla in the chapel with those priests, and the elders walk in (not realizing we were having a lesson) and they were like "hey sisters some guy just walked in the church and wants to be taught. He's in your area." My jaw just dropped hahaha. His name is Alex, and yes, we invited him to get baptized. He said yes. THEN we go to our dinner appointment and we walk in the door and the wife is like "this is my friend Leena, we invited her over for dinner with you guys!" needless to say, we're teaching Leena now. We invited her to get baptized, she said yes. HEAVENLY FATHER HEARS AND ANSWERS PRAYERS. When the AP's called to talk about our week we told them the miraculous story and their response was "why don't you pray like that every day?" Hahaha. 

We also had Mission Leadership Conference this week and it was incredible. President Bateman is so inspired and is helping the mission so much. We are preparing two trainings for our 2 Zone Leader Trainings this week. I personally think we should rename it "zone leader and sister training leader training" but whatever. I love this mission life. 

I love you guys, thanks for all the support. 

1. Missouri sky is BEAUTIFUL
2. Steering wheel too hot. Have to use oven mitt or 3rd degree burns.

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