Friday, August 26, 2016

August 15th-22nd, 2016

Family. Thanks for the emails. Love to hear what you're up to. Can't believe summer is about over! It's starting to cool off a little here. But if I remember last year, I got a false hope of fall and then it got hot again. So i'm not getting excited yet.... but as of right now we're not sweating our brains out! Wahoo! This week has been interesting. Lots of people pretend to be interested and then drop us. It's so frustrating! They just lead us on. Those 2 timers.

My spirit is alive, but my body is so tired haha. We've been working hard and it's catching up to us. Despite all of that, of course we saw miracles. Shannon's family is doing so well. Shannon is on fire! She requested her Patriarchal blessing online and it got her all pumped up. She started doing family history without us even asking! She also said "sisters, we need to meet twice a week. We need to keep our momentum!" I was like "YOU GET IT" Hahaha. Hopefully Andrew, Katie, and Camryn will commit to a baptismal date soon. Camryn is the SMARTEST 9 year old I have ever met. Our first lesson this week she was so excited to tell us something. Finally we get started and she says "okay. I felt the Holy Ghost. I was praying about Bosley, my dog that died, and felt this cradle of warmth!" It was the sweetest thing. She is like a sponge, she understands and remembers what we teach her and it's incredible. We were talking about the Atonement and how guilt is our spiritual bodies telling us something is wrong, and she literally took our analogy before we could even finish it! She said, "so like our physical bodies feel pain to tell us something is wrong, our spiritual bodies feel guilt and tell us something is wrong!" SHE IS A GENIUS. I love that family with my whole soul. 

We have been working with some pretty great less actives. I'll send some pictures of Caleb, he's returning to the gospel, we've been teaching him for a couple months. He's our bestie. He's a volunteer fire fighter and literally wears his volunteer outfit 100% of the time. We make fun of him. He's only 18 but he's been married for a while now. He's been through a lot and we reeeeally want to teach his wife. Good kid. He gave us plastic fire hats and forces us to learn things about fires haha.  

I'll also attatch a pic of Ron, our homie. He LOVES the missionaries and travels all around St. Louis to go to lunch with as many of them as he can. He's the Missouri version of Johnny Burt. He's EVERYWHERE. But we're his favorites. He carries around this picture to tell all the Elders we're his best friends haha. He's great and makes us happy :) 

The other pic is of Shannon's family. 

We helped the RS pres and her family dig a huge ditch/trench thing to help the water flow when the massive rains come. They live out in the sticks on this huge piece of property. SO pretty. Moral of the story, we used muscles we haven't used in over a year and we are SO SORE haha. It is hilarious. It was really fun though. Sister Nicholls was like "the elders will be mad we didn't call them to help us, but you sisters work harder soooo" #winning

We've been preparing more trainings for zone conferences this transfer! Those babies just come so quick! We have one this week and another next week. 

Life is swell in Fenton! Love you all! 

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