Saturday, September 3, 2016

August 22nd-29th, 2016

Family. I can't even explain the miracles we see every day. I know as sure as I'm sitting in a humid library that there is a God who lives, and loves us more than we can comprehend. That being said, some things just can't be explained over email. I wish you could be here to experience every lesson we TEACH and every lesson we LEARN. I'm grateful to have these sweet experiences with the Spirit and with the Lord. 

Zone Conference went well. We have another one tomorrow down in Cape Zone. We found out while at Zone Conf that President Michael J. Bateman is changing the music policy. Let me just tell you that I KNOW it's a wordly thing, but I have been listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for over 1 whole year of my life and now we can listen to any hymn, any artist, any arrangement. HOLY SMOKES PEOPLE. Music is powerful and it's been a really great week. 

In other news, our investigators have agency and it's really frustrating. Enough said about that. 
We found the COOLEST family while TRACTING which doesn't happen too often. But we both have been prompted multiple times to go tract this certain area. Sure enough, there was a gem of a family. We met this guy, Kenneth, who told us to come back when his wife was home. So we did. Then we met their son Justin who is 26 but lives with them because he is blind and has a lot of medical problems. He is so funny and so sweet! Kenneth, Ruth, and Justin. We love them! Justin asked us "so how do you know if God is trying to talk to you. Because when you were talking about Prophets i'm pretty sure He was trying to talk to me." It was such a cool lesson. The funniest thing, so we were talking about prayer at the end and we were getting ready to pray together, and we said (because Justin is blind) "so we usually just fold our arms when we pray..." *justin folds his arms* "or fold your hands..." *justin folds his hands* "...or really anything to keep your arms reverent. Okay here we go!" Then poor justin is so confused what to do so he just crossed his arms across his chest like he was going down a water slide hahaha he panicked! We confused the poor thing. 

Another miracle. So like a month ago we were out exercising and saw a bunch of screws in the street so we stopped to pick them up so nobody popped a tire. This guy drove by in a truck and got out and started helping us. Then he said "wow that's super nice of you girls to pick these up. If I ever see you at a restaurant I'll buy you lunch." At that moment I vowed I would find him again and teach him the gospel. Fast forward to last night. It was8:50 and we are out of miles and tracting is horrible at that time because everyone is in bed and gets mad at us. So we decided to park the car and walk and just hoped someone would be outside. I felt pretty strong about this random street right by our apartment. We walk down the whole street and not a soul was outside. In my head I was like "wow this sucks. I wish someone would just come outside!" Literally 2 seconds later this door opens and a dog bolts out and starts running at us and barking (second time I was chased by a dog this week) and his owner runs out after him. I was like "blessings!" finally a guy outside. We start talking to him and introduce ourselves and he was SO nice, we invited him to church and he said he would love to go. He also said he would love to learn more. In my head again I was like "you've got to be kidding me." He was SO NICE. So we plan with him to come back another time and start walking back home. Then we were talking about how insane it was that he came out at the exact moment we were walking by and how God is so good then realized it was the guy that helped us pick up the screws!!!!! We were dying. So we're pretty sure he recognized us and it was straight up divine intervention. SO MANY BLESSINGS.

Other news, Kurt got ENGAGED this week to a girl in the YSA that met Kurt because we asked her to come to a lesson with us. Can you believe it?! Kurt is SO COOL and I'm so happy for them. They might get sealed while I'm still here which would mean I would get to see all of his saving ordinances which would be amazing. 

I love you all. Thanks for all you do. The church is true. I KNOW that if we do what we're supposed to do, we will be blessed. God always fills in the gaps, he always provides. Sometimes I can't even believe my life. Ya'll are the best! 

the pics are from last pday. Our mission nurse, Sister Curtis, taught us how to make the most delish cookies. It was fun ❤


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