Friday, August 12, 2016

August 1st-8th, 2016

Familio. We had such a great week, as always. Sounds like ya'll did too. Kids here are going back to school next week, where did the summer go? It's crazy! I got to the temple this week! We get to go every six months so it was my turn again! I LOVE the St. Louis temple. Well, I love any temple. But this temple will always have a special place in my heart. We also had Mission Leadership Conference this week. Holy smokes, President Bateman is shaking things up! I like it! Change is good. I realized I've been pretty comfortable lately, I feel like I have things figured out for the most part, used to the schedule, used to talking to people, used to teaching etc. But President Bateman is really pushing us leaders, and I LOVE being challenged again! We don't grow when we're comfortable. That's like my motto now. I'm gonna stitch it on a pillow or something.

We had some good lessons. Kennedy has to move to school this week so that's depressing. He's committed to taking the lessons at school though. He's excited about the YSA in Indiana. Gonna miss that kid! It's been so fun to see his testimony grow. Taught cute Shannon's family. Love them. Cash (5 year old) is really hung up on the idea that Jesus died. The whole lesson he was like "So wait, God died?" We tell him "Jesus died, but he lives again! He kind of came back to life." Then Cash says, "so you're saying he DID die." We say "yes, Cash he died, but he's not dead." Poor kid is so confused haha. They all came to church!! We had 5 investigators at church #blessings We also taught Jeanie this week and had to drop her unfortunately. People in the midwest are STUCK IN THEIR WAYS. It's crazy haha. We would ask her questions that she didn't know how to answer but then she would just say "I'll still never convert." UGH! JEANIE! Hopefully her heart will soften with time. This week Matt Brewer got baptized and it was the sweetest experience. He's been coming to church for over a year and just waiting to turn 18. He bore his testimony after and said "I never believed in God, I felt like I have been wandering in a dark forest and now It's like I finally walked to the highway. Now I have a direction to go." I was dying!!! He's the best. He's like a really quiet kid, pretty shy. But at church he randomly told me he has a rap album on spotify hahahaha I was cracking up! I love this ward!!

Got to have lunch with Kurt again. So proud of that kid. He's doing so great. So are Sonja and Nick in Mahomet. Also Dominique and Haley. Haley gets her mission call next week! AHH! Of course Kayla is doing amazing as well. Transfers are next week but I'll probably stay in Fenton.

I love you guys, have a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The church is true!

Sister Broadhead

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