Wednesday, August 3, 2016

July 18th-25th, 2016

Hello Family! This week was freaking amazing. I realize I have 2 flaws. The elders in the district brought to my attention that they don't know how to gauge how cool/fun something really is because anything I talk about is "the coolest thing ever" or "literally the funniest thing ever" or "seriously the best thing on the planet" sooooo yeah. Also the ward mission leader said I'm a "stamp tramp" and I give my stamp of approval to everyone so he never knows if someone is actually as cool as I say. I tend to say "yes! So and so is seriously so cool! I love them!" He was like yeah but you say that about everyone. Moral of the story if you feel the same way, i really mean it when I say this week was AWESOME.

Kayla gave a talk in church and it was SO GOOD. Sonja from Mahomet also emailed me and said she gave a talk. SO PROUD. We have started teaching Kayla's friend Kennedy and at first he was just doing it for Kayla, but after our lesson this week he said "I really hope this is true." He has been coming to church and keeping all his commitments. Coolest kid ever. 

Also this week we taught Madi! She has been staying with a family in the ward for a few weeks and we didn't know if we could teach her because she's like away from her family and she's only 15 and she's going back home next week. But we went to Young Womens on Sunday and it was a lesson about the temple and she kept talking about how she wants to be sealed and it was sooo cute. So we decided to have a lesson with her at the temple and talk about it. We did the temple tour personalized just to Madi and the spirit was SO STRONG. She says she's already read most of the BofM and knows this is true. She's going to talk to her parents about getting baptized when she gets home! I'm convinced the Lord needs young people right now. The youth are on fire doing missionary work, and everyone we find is young! Everyone around the mission getting baptized is a young adult or teenager. The Lord needs them to lead his church someday, it is incredible to watch.

We had some really great exchanges this week! A new thing that President Bateman is doing is both sisters come to our area for exchanges. So four of us work in Fenton and it's SO COOL. Because we are supposed to have a "model area" and he wants the sisters to see how we plan, find, teach, and work with members. It's been a blast so far. The best part is we play lava monster at the park in the morning for exercise and it's seriously so fun. I'm so sore from climbing all over the playground. I love this mission stuff. 

We have to hurry today because we're throwing a FIESTA for the sisters at the mission home. It's gonna be legit. We are bringing a pinata and fake mustaches. Sister Bateman is making tacos and we're gonna play lame party games and have the best time ever. 

Also fun fact, when it's 110 degrees outside and humid I sweat from every poor. AND I LOVE IT. I love Missouri, I love my mission, I love the Savior, I love this gospel. Have a great week!!!

pics - when we were sanding for Shannon in their new house she was all mad that dust would get all over our clothes so she made us put on these surgeon outfits lol.

-this guy gave us fake fire fighter hats. then we found an abandoned truck. 

-Madi and Sis Allred at the temple

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