Wednesday, August 3, 2016

July 25th - August 1st, 2016

hello cutie pie family. 

THIS WEEK WAS AWESOME. I love the Fenton ward with my whole soul. I'm firmly convinced I've been able to serve in the best wards in the mission. We had 2 exchanges this week. Is being exchanged out a thing? If so I'm exchanged out. Only 1 more for this transfer... we can do it!! Then we get to start all over. Wahoo! :) I love our sisters we really do have fun, just too much fun, it's exhausting! 

We had some really cool lessons. We met this guy outside of his apartment complex #TalkToEveryone and he is super cool. He has been meeting with the Jehovah Witness for a year and we're totally stealing him!! I love teaching him because he mirrors my body language perfectly LOL so when I raise my eyebrows so does he! So classic. We had a big family history lesson with Kayla, Whitney (got baptized in May) and Haley (who got baptized when I was in the YSA last October). They are preparing names for the temple! Love them. Also the ward  helped Shannon and Andrew move this week and it was great! They met so many cool people from the ward. Now Shannon and Andrew live like 2 minutes from us #blessings. They came to church and it was so great. The lesson in Gospel Principles was about the Book of Mormon and Shannon said "I've known in my heart that's it's true for a long time, how do I use it in every facet of my life? How can I use it to help my kids?" Then the class bore sweet testimony and shared experiences of how it helped them, everyone was crying, it was AWESOME. We also got to teach Jeanie this week who is a geeeeniusssss. For comp study we basically made a super detailed lesson plan about the Plan of Salvation so we could lovingly indoctrinate the crap out of her haha. It worked! We were talking about baptisms for the dead and she was like saying how she absolutely didn't believe it so then we read in Corinthians when Paul is talking about it and she was like "...................." #speechless. After a while she was like "I pattern my life after the Bible and that's it." I said, "Jeanie, 1 Corinthians is in the Bible." We're gonna get her. She's close I know it. 

Today Sister Allred took us to this place called Eckert's farm, it's so cute! You can go and pick as much of you want of whatever is in season. Right now it's peaches and blackberries! You can eat as much as you want while you pick. THE BEST PEACHES EVER. I'm gonna have stomach problems later because we were putting them down. So that's why we're emailing so late. She also let us do our laundry at her house because we didn't have laundry money. She's the BEST. She's also feeding us dinner. Madi has to go back to Iowa tomorrow so we're hangin out with them as much as we can! I've been so blessed to know this amazing 15 year old girl. She's a light! 

Sounds like you guys have had a busy summer. Stay cool! I love you all dearly. Thanks for all the support.

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