Thursday, December 8, 2016

November 28th - December 5th, 2016


Sorry I forgot to tell you Pday was on Tuesday this week #mybad and surprise! Today is Pday. We had an amazing week. We had zone conference in Colombia Missouri, also knows as COMO. It literally blew my mind. Basically President Bateman told us we're all stuck in this tiny box. He always teaches us about the trust box and as long as we live by the perimeters of the trust box we have the freedom to do whatever we want, looong story short. We have tiny boxes. We are scared to get out of the mold of "tracting, 5 missionary lessons, more tracting" basically we want to be obedient so badly that we won't do anything slightly creative. Moral of the story i'm trying to break out of my tiny trust box and it's SO FUN! 

We had really great spiritual lessons with the Ovitts. Actually, cool story. We had a lesson with just Jerry and Sis Ovitt (no twins) and Jerry was opening up to us about some struggles and it was just absolutely heart breaking. On the way home I was thinking of ways we could help them with Christmas and life in general, almost in tears about our limited resources.  We get home, walk up to the mailbox, and pulled out that card you sent mom. Somehow I knew it was money. We walked upstairs and I opened it and just about cried. I'm so excited to help them with Christmas ❤😊 That card couldn't have come at a better time. THANK YOU. We finally got the twins a Children's Book of Mormon and they are CRUISING through it. Love them so much. We had good lessons with Bruce and Karen too. They both came to church and it was awesome! They committed to be baptized and we're so excited about it. They both have a lot of things to overcome, but they can do it with the help of the Savior. Karen was telling us how broken she was and how much she needs this. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. 

Had exchanges and I got to be with Sister Bishop!!! Love that lady. She is really sick so we actually had to stay in the apartment but it was so good because we got to talk. I needed it haha. She is my best friend. We hugged and cried and said goodbye and she said in my ear "I'll see you at the airport with Cafe Rio in one hand and pants in the other" I love my sister. 

Last week i got attacked by the cats as you know, this week i got attacked by dogs. Sister Ball kindly watched and took pictures from the safety of the car. The pic is pretty funny. 

The other night this lady called us and said "is this the sister missionaries? I need to get back to church." She has been LA but feels the desire to come back! I love that! Can't even wait to meet her. Basically my life is one big miracle. One miracle after another and I just love it so much. 

Mom I realize I keep forgetting to answer your questions week after week so here you go: yes i kept my stocking but my comp took hers so i just have one. Yes i got new Nikes like months ago, they're sick. I really don't need anything for Christmas. Just save the money for when I get home and I'm dead broke. Will you also ask Rochelle if I can work for her when I get home? 


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