Wednesday, January 18, 2017

December 19th-26th, 2016

Hello Family ! It was so fun talking to you. I realized I basically forgot to tell you like all the things I was planning on telling you. Somehow my brain just forgot all of it once I heard your voices! Oh well. This week was incredible, as usual. I also forgot to tell you the library was closed yesterday so we are emailing today, obviously. Next week the library will be closed on Monday again. Mom, thank you for the Christmas package! I really appreciate it, so did Sister Ball. 

We had a Christmas Zone Conference that was the best thing on the planet. So spiritual, emotional, funny, and memorable. Had to be there though, so I won't even try to describe my feelings. Okay well maybe I'll try. President Bateman's dad came, and he's the coolest. He used to be the presiding Bishop of the church, and has had many other great callings. Moral of the story he's a spiritual giant. We had some hilarious skits, white elephant gift exchange, and incredible musical numbers. At one point I was dared to try bacon flavored toothpaste that tastes like canned dog food and I almost didn't make it to the bathroom before I threw up all my lunch. We learned all about LIGHT and it was awesomeeeeee.

Christmas eve and Christmas were so fun. Spent lots of time with awesome members that we love so much. Got to play games which was awesome. So much laughter. On Christmas as I told you over Skype, we began our day at 3:55 am so we could make it to Bishop Vellinga's by 5:00 am. Church by 9:00. After that, we really wanted to do some form of service. So we went to the Warrenton nursing home to sing people songs! We handed out candy canes and visited with some sweet spirits. We told everyone before we sang to them "now we're not very good... but here we go!" and after they always smiled and clapped and said we sounded like angels. They honestly probably couldn't hear us hahaha. Then we went to the Davidson's and Portillo's. I just love the members out here. They are incredible people and such good examples to me. 

I just love Christmas, and being a missionary during this time of year is incredible. The reason i made the subject what it is, was a quote i heard by Neal A. Maxwell that says "each of us is an innkeeper who decides if there is room for Jesus." I hope we can all make room for the Savior in our lives, not just at this time of year, but all the time. One more quote by President Monson, "may the spirit of love which comes at Christmas time fill our homes and our lives and linger there long after the tree is down."

Sister Broadhead

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