Tuesday, August 11, 2015

August 3rd-10th, 2015

Hi Fam!

Oh my goodness so much has happened! So many miracles. It's been such a great week with Sister Walker in the St. Louis YSA. 

Oh my I've been waiting all week to tell you this miracle. So my companion is a woman full of inspiration. It can be tough to contact people because we're over a specific age group so we try to strategically plan as best as we can. So we're about done for the day and Sis Walker says "let's try ONE more person" Yeah I think you know where I'm going with this... So we drive to this cute little house in the city and the nicest lady tells us to come up on the porch she was so excited to see us! So we ask for Christian because he was the YSA age we were looking for haha. She gets so excited and runs in to get him. Then this cute cute Dominique comes out and says she's Christians fiance but SHE isn't a member and she wanted to take the lessons and probably get baptized!!!!!! Her words people, her words. So once I picked my jaw up off the ground I was so happy and we were just talking with her getting to know her and stuff while my heart was full on leaping. Then Christian came out and said "wow this is amazing! How did you find me? I was just wanting to come back to church and here you are!!" It was amazing. He told us his story and they are just the most amazing people. So we've been meeting with Dominique and she has the sweetest spirit. She came to church and she asked US for a Book of Mormon. Talk about a golden investigator. We were truly led to them. I told Christian that Heavenly Father has been watching out for him because we were truly guided to him. 

We had 3 investigators at church. You know that scene on The Best Two Years when their investigator comes to church and he's like so pumped haha? That was me. But inside. Don't worry I kept my cool, but it was amazing to have them there. The Branch is so great at meeting and being so kind to everyone so they felt so welcome. 

We've also been teaching Pascal, he's from Nigeria and he's so smart. He knows the Bible truly like the back of his hand. It's been good because I've been studying with him in mind and It's motivating to learn all I can about the Bible! I love a challenge. He's the most genuine person it's so great being around him.

And Ashley and Zach! Our other investigators we met with this week. They are so funny haha. Every time we teach them she cracks us up, but don't worry we all still feel the spirit. They were so fun to have at church. We talked about the Fall of Adam and Eve in Gospel Principles and Ashley said a comment about how God allows us to go through things so we can learn and become better and I was about to cry from happiness. It's so cool to see the light bulb come on and for someone to better understand the nature of our Heavenly Father. I loved sitting by Ashley in Sacrament meeting because in her church she's used to vocally saying "Amen" and "Mhmm" during people's talks haha. She's awesome.

We have 6 in our teaching pool and they're all so amazing. 
We also met with a lot of less active members and I don't know what it is but they have such a sweet spot in my heart. I love helping them through their challenges, but what's more amazing is I'm not the one helping them, God is. They just don't know that yet. 

Saturday was a mission wide finding day, the goal is to contact as many people as you can and find new "gators" which is short for investigators. Had no idea what that one meant until Saturday haha. Me and Sister Walker found 3!!! Definitely couldn't have been done without past missionaries planting the seed, so all credit goes to them. The whole reason I'm telling you this is so I can tell you the classic one liner I had. The Zone Leaders were so pumped about our 3 and I said " just call us the Steve Irwin of gators..." hehe. So classic. Sister Walker and I got a good laugh.

Seriously such a great week. There was this insane rain storm last night. It took us so long to drive home because the rain was coming down so hard we honestly couldn't see. Sis Walker just yells "WELCOME TO THE MIDWEST!!" I laughed so hard. She's so funny, it makes everything easier when you and your comp can laugh through the hard times. 

This week in my studies I have just come to understand that it's all about the Lord's timing. I've learned not to question it, because it always works out. We also listened to this talk by Elder Holland that was so life altering - he talks about the Atonement, and how of course we have to pass through hard times to become more like our Savior. My favorite line is "Why would it be easy for us, when it was never easy for Him." So good to think about. 

Mom I thought of you this week when we were teaching in the most amazing apartment in the city. He had a perfect view of the Cardinal's stadium like you could just see right inside AND the St. Louis arch. I told him "My mom would LOVE this. But only if that were Fenway park haha"  

There is honestly nothing better than talking about the Gospel all day every day, and to be an instrument in the Lord's hands. This is the true church, and Jesus Christ is at the head. He is leading and guiding His missionaries every day. I feel so blessed to be able to help people grow a personal relationship with Heavenly Father, and to see their faith increase is honestly indescribable. 

I love you guys, thank you for your constant support! My favorite part of the Restoration lesson is "gospel blesses families" because I get to talk about you guys! I truly have been blessed with the best fam. Have a blessed week, and do some missionary work! We've been having members watch the Because He Lives video from Easter, and share it with someone. I would challenge you to do the same. It's a powerful video. Share it on Facebook, or email to a friend. You never know who could need it. 
ps i'll send pics in a separate email, it's honestly a full blown science experiment trying to figure that out haha. 

Sending so much love from St. Louis! 

Sister Broadhead 

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