Monday, September 21, 2015

September 14th-21st, 2015

Hey Fam!

So great to hear from all of you! Thanks for the emails. Did April get the picture I sent in the mail??? It's so awesome haha. Mom I hope your calling is going awesome! I hope all the girls are being nice to you, I'm sure they are. Dad do you have any updates on UPD? Let me know so I can update the Gospel Principles class so they don't think you're a criminal anymore hahaha. Sounds like Dev's wedding planning is going great! Wish I could be there to help! Oh and Mom- we won't go halves on the GPS because we won't be companions for life haha I need my own. And no we don't get lost, we've been using our Branch President's, but eventually I'll need my own.

So this week got a little crazy...haha. We had mission conference which was awesome. So great. Elder Grow came from the 70 and his wife and gave us such inspired council, wisdom, and training. It was seriously awesome. We were so inspired........ so inspired we dropped all of our investigators. Surprise! Well, Ricky and Pascal dropped us but we dropped Ashley, Zach, and Jaysmine. We would still love to work with Ricky but he is working through some things and won't be getting baptized this week. (dagger to the heart) But the whole mission conference, Sister Walker and I both felt prompted that we needed to drop our investigators. They weren't really keeping their commitments, and we feel like they weren't investigating the church for the right reasons. We felt like we were dragging them to the baptismal font and that's not right. SO we met with them this week and explained why we couldn't meet with them anymore. Walking away from their apartment was probably the hardest and saddest thing I've ever done. But when they're ready they'll get baptized I have no doubt. Okay so it gets better. Here we are with no investigators but a ton of motivation. So we have been really planning how to find people and get the branch motivated an all of this awesome stuff. On Sunday we explained all this to the Branch Council and shared our ideas of where to go from here. OH also the whole time we've been here we've been struggling to get member referrals... like seriously we maybe got one or two. But after we humbled ourselves, and tried our best to align our will with God's... we got THREE member referrals in the span of TEN MINUTES. They just walked up to us in the chapel and told us they have a friend they've been thinking about! I about cried haha. And not not mention 3 of the less active members we've been working with came to church on Sunday. It was so awesome. We know there are people in the city that are prepared for the Gospel, we have so much faith that Heavenly Father will lead us to them. Obviously all of our attention is needed somewhere else, we just need to find them. So crazy. It was such an emotional roller coaster week, but we know this is what God has planned for this area.

Other than that it's been great! We met with a lot of recent converts and less active members like always, and they're so awesome. We had a great week. Can't even wait to see what the Lord has in store for us this week! I hope you're all preparing for General Conference in a few weeks! It's going to be soooo awesome.

We're going to the arch today with some other sisters, it's gonna be awesome!! Have an awesome week, I love you guys!

the pic is of some awesome members who made me a "greenie dinner" 9 weeks late haha. They're great though!

Sister Broadhead

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