Monday, September 14, 2015

September 7th-14th, 2015

Dear cutest fam ever,

Seriously your emails are so hilarious. Sister Walker and I just sit here and laugh because her fam is hilarious too, ahhh we just look forward to Pday so much for the comic relief haha. Sounds like things are going pretty good though!

We had another awesome week. We met with Rickey a couple times, Pascal the genius, Ashley, Zach, and Jaysmine the most hilarious, and our MIRACLE of the week Andelisa. I'll tell you about her in a minute.
Ashley and Zach are legit the funniest people I know. We taught Gospel Principles again, (I feel like it's gonna be a permanent thing haha) and they just make it so entertaining. I just love them haha. We set a baptismal date with Jaysmine, but can't get Ashley and Zach to commit. We feel like they're getting closer though. Asking a lot of good questions about authority. ANYWAYS, they're doing great.

Pascal is still the smartest person I know. He's doing great too.

Okay so this week we had an appointment fall through, and then our back up fell through, and then they wouldn't let us tract the dorms at SLU haha go figure, so we felt prompted to go see this random potential investigator. And when I say random, I mean random. Like her name and address was just written on a random piece of paper in our book. But we felt like we should go see her. When we pulled up she was standing outside and just the look on her face was different. We walked up to her and the first thing she said is, "I thought you forgot about me!!" Once again, my jaw dropped. She was telling us how she was just thinking about us and all this stuff!! All the sudden she is like running around straightening up the yard, told all these little kids to go inside, she pulls up all these chairs, like all this stuff is going on haha oh btw she's speaking in Bosnian so we don't know what's goin on, we meet her parents in this whirlwind, and the whole time I was just about to cry and thanking Heavenly Father for sending us there. He sent us to her at a time when we needed it most, everything was going wrong for us and I was getting so frustrated and said a prayer in my heart just begging Heavenly Father to send us somewhere where we were needed. And there we were. It was so cool. Finally she told us to sit down. She tells us her background, her and her family are from Bosnia, just struggling to make ends meet, but how she wants religion so bad. She even said the exact words from the pamphlet haha "sometimes I wonder why I'm here and where I'm going." She told us about dreams that she has where she sees angels and the creation of the world and she just wants to know what it all means. She even basically quoted Joseph Smith word for word, she said "I feel like there's a lot of churches, but I don't know what one is true!" We were dying. She was our miracle this week and I'm so grateful that we were led to her.

I have to give a training on Obedience, so I've been thinking about that a lot this week. I'm so grateful that we have commandments to protect us, to help us get back to Heavenly Father. Everything we have is for our benefit. We have everything necessary to get back to live with God we just have to stop being lazy and do it haha!

Have a great week!!! You guys are great, thanks for all the love and support. Keep doing missionary work and preparing the earth for the second coming of the Messiah. Remember that Jesus Christ is alive, He's aware of us, He will help us if we ask Him.

Mom ps I need to buy a GPS here pretty soon I guess they're like a hundred bucks if you'll just make sure I have money in my account :)

Pss tell April and the kids thanks for the letter from them! It made my week. I hung the pictures the girls drew in our room!!

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