Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Funny Acts Of Kindness

Hi Sissy!!

LOL at the Mountain Biking story! You can send me pics! You totally should have!!! Yeah I hate mountain biking. When I get back and I move in with you two we are NOT going ;) 

So quick funny story. We were walking down the street one day and we see this guy trying to push his car up this hill, his wife is inside trying to steer it. They must have run out of gas. So me and sis W dart through traffic to help them push! We join in helping this guy push, and we aren't doing very well up this hill lol. Then this like 25 year old cop comes and starts helping. We are pushing for a good long while lol so I ask the guy "where are we pushing this?" i get straight ignored. 5 minutes later the cop asks "where we pushin this man?" again, no answer. I realize they are DEAF haha him and his wife. I'm like great. So then the coolest thing, this ambulance came and put on it's lights in front of us and cleared all the traffic so we could get through it was awesome haha i just pictured that song that David A. sang on american idol about the barrel of a gun playing while we triumphantly pushed the car up this hill. and THEN these two black guys come RUNNING at us from the front of the car and It's safe to say they're homeless but I couldn't see them coming very well. One of them falls SO HARD in the street and starts yelling nonsense with a cigarette in his mouth and I'm like in my head "oh shoot he's gonna claim we ran him over and he's gonna try and sue these deaf people!" He's like rolling in the street it was actually the funniest thing ever. But I think we're gonna get straight robbed hahahah so I tuck my bag under my arm and abandon the car pushing and start to run away hahahahaha just to look back and see the guy get up and take my place at the car. They just wanted to help!! So I awkwardly run back and keep pushing. FINALLY we get to a gas station and the wife gets out and hugs us :) It was so hilarious. The guy still rambling nonsense. I'm like "you took a pretty hard fall man!" He's like "I KNOW i just got So EXCITED to help ya'll, I been workin since 10 hours ago I haven't even SLEPT yet!" It was so funny. All this happening on the busiest street in St. Louis. LOL 

I wuv you. Have a good week!!!!!!!

btw you should go to garth with mom, that's so sad lol. are you engaged yet?

Sister Broadhead

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