Tuesday, November 3, 2015

October 26th-November 2nd, 2015

Hey Family!

I love your emails!! Thank you so much for taking the time to write me, I appreciate it more than you know! You all had awesome news too so that's great! :) Mom, I got the package you're the BEEESTT. I ripped that puppy open so fast, no way am I waiting until my actual birthday haha. Thank you so much, we decided to save the little cakes untilSaturday. But a member is planning a full on birthday bash for me haha she keeps asking me what all my favorite things are, so it will be awesome.

So this week was interesting.......... we had literally every good plan cancel or fall through. Even the baptism. TOO SOON TO TALK ABOUT. I spent a lot of time on my knees this week trying to find out what Heavenly Father has planned for this area. So yeah. I learned a lot about patience, especially in adversity. It's been super stressful, but when I'm stretched and tested is when I grow the most. It's like when we shoot a bow and arrow, you have to pull back the bow to launch the arrow.... so I know that right now we were pulled back so we can be launched into something greater. That all sounds really dramatic haha. It was a great week. We saw a lot of miracles. Quick story: So we've had tons of car trouble this week on top of everything. One morning EVERYONE cancelled except our first appointment. So we go out to our car to go to that one appointment to find our car was dead. We had someone in the office jump our battery but by the time we got it all figured out we had to cancel the only appointment we had still standing. So we call the mission vehicle person and we're figuring out what to do. We ended up spending a bunch of time at Firestone getting our car fixed so it was good that all those appointments cancelled and we took the time at Firestone to set other appointments. Thank you Heavenly Father. THEN I'm like well great we still have a bunch of time before our next appointment so I felt prompted to go visit a less active members mom...... super random. We don't know where he lives but we knew where his mom lives! So I was like whatever following the spirit on this one. So we go to her house and HE WAS THERE HAHA! We literally have been trying to see him for months. So moral of the story, if our appointments hadn't cancelled and our car hadn't died we wouldn't have been there when we needed to. He said he was just stopping by to pick up mail and it's amazing that we caught him there. Thank you Heavenly Father. That is just one example of the miracles we had this week because things like that happened over and over again. So in the midst of all our plans crumbling, we sought out little miracles that really were huge blessings. Our car died and stranded us 3 other times this week haha so we are going to go get that fixed for real today. No more messing around and testing batteries hahaha. I set a couple alarms in the middle of the night and made Sister Whitmarsh go out with me and start the car in the middle of the night so it wouldn't be dead this morning hahaha. It worked. We really did see so many miracles this week, I'm so grateful because if we didn't it would have been really easy to get discouraged.

All our investigators are doing great. Shelly texted us and told us she tried to teach her family the lessons using the pamphlets haha I was so proud!!! I told her to bring them to our next lesson and we would love to teach them!!!!!! *hint hint cough cough* legit she should bring them. But they're doing great. I love seeing their progression and the light of Christ grow within them. It grows the most when they read and learn from the Book of Mormon. I have to give a training on the role of the Book of Mormon this week so I've been paying attention to that. It truly is an iron rod in our lives, I love it. 

I'm so grateful to be here and to be learning so much about myself and the gospel. I know without a doubt in my mind that this is the Lord's work and that He is leading it. I know that the Savior is just as sad as we are when a baptism falls through and that He will carry us through anything. I'm grateful to be training a new missionary and to be learning so much through that. I love you guys and pray for your happiness! :)

Sister Broadhead

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