Monday, October 5, 2015

September 28th-October 5th, 2015


This week was awesome. We saw so many miracles. But don't worry mom, I'm still humble haha. Yes dad, you get the award for funniest email haha. Sounds like you're all doing great! Thanks for the engagement pics, so cute!!! I just love you all.

So this week we got 2 new investigators! "Started from the bottom now we're here!" They are awesommmmee. We met Zac through a member! We're so proud of the members of our branch and their desire to share the gospel with their friends. Then we met Shelley from a referral from the Zone Leaders. She's great too! They came to conference and loved it, and Dominique watched online. They are all progressing really well, we had a couple lessons with each of them this week. It's so cool so see how the gospel is blessing their lives already. One of the sweetest things is hearing an investigator pray for the first time. It's one of the most sincere and heartfelt things ever. Being a missionary is incredible.

We just watched conference at the church, the only people that watch there are the missionaries and their investigators basically haha it was awesome. And President and Sister Morgan. They had us over between sessions for "pancakes and prophets" haha they're so amazing. BTW mom Elder Holland's talk about Mothers made me miss you so much!!!!!! Ahhh so sad haha. I told Sister Morgan that she filled the mom whole in my heart :) she's taking good care of us. But wasn't conference just so great?! It's seriously a holiday on the mission. I am going to "ponderize" a verse every week! I would love it if you guys would too!! And let me know what verse you're ponderizing.

Yeah we're just working hard and staying busy! Everyone says my emails are long so I'll just keep it shorter today :) Sister Walker has been begging me to go golfing, she's a really good golfer so we are borrowing our Branch President's clubs and going lol. I'm just going to drive the cart because I don't know how to golf.

I'm so grateful to be a missionary, I'm grateful for the knowledge I have of our Savior, this is His work, and he's guiding it. Miracles are evidence of Jesus Christ, and we see miracles every day. I love you guys, thanks for all the love and support!!!!

Sister Broadhead

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