Wednesday, November 11, 2015

November 2nd-9th, 2015


We had a great week! Thanks for all the birthday wishes. It was a great 21st birthday in the mission!! . My bday was the bomb. This member named Angelica had us over, she's the best. We also did a service project with the branch on my bday so it really doesn't get better than that. All I have to say is there are so many trees here which means there are soo many leaves to fall on the ground haha raking leaves for dayzzz. I'm glad to hear you are all doing great! I was laughing so hard of that pic of mom like a zombie hahaha. So classic. You guys are the coolest family, seriously the jam. 

You all keep asking about my companion haha. She's awesome. From Australia but moved to California 5 years ago so that's why President Morgan said she's from cali. My accent it so awesome, she doesn't like when people try to imitate her accent though so i practice in my head. Sometimes it just comes out though because i hear it all the time and it's sooo funny haha.
She's doing great though for only being out a month now! 

This week was great. Dominique set a new date for the 29. Cross your fingers everyone that this poor girl doesn't have another trial that disrupts her path to baptism. Shelly is progressing in the gospel so much, she loves institute. She has so many good questions. She honestly thinks of so many awesome questions, things I've never thought about before and i LOVE it. If i don't know how to answer it I ask her for 24 hours so I can study it out and give her an answer haha. Shelly won't commit to a date though. She also keeps talking about how she'll be so mad if I get transferred (gulp) sooo I need to work on converting her to the gospel more and missionaries less. We have a handful of others in our teaching pool as well that we just need to keep their commitments!!! Sometimes agency is so frustrating haha! But it's so amazing to see the light of Christ grow brighter in someone just by keeping their simple commitments to pray and read the scriptures. 

Soooo i can't remember if I told ya'll about this guy we met at a gas station or not. It was like 3 months ago. But we were with a member and her car broke down so we were at this gas station and Sister Walker and I were contacting people while we were waiting. We talked to this guy for a while and he ended up like rapping while this member was beat boxing and it was sooo cool. Don't even know how it happened but it rocked. ANYWAY we are meeting with him tonight!! I had a good feeling about him when we met him in the summer. I am so excited to teach him the gospel!! 

This week was just super great. I'm so grateful for all that I have. We have been blessed so much. I love the scriptures! Never in my life have I loved a book more than I love the Book of Mormon. I'm reading 3 Nephi right now and it's amazing. We need to model our lives after Jesus Christ. 

I love you guys, thanks for everything. Sorry if I'm not good at answering your questions... just keep asking them until I catch on. XOXO 

Sister Broadhead

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