Wednesday, November 18, 2015

November 9th-16th, 2015

Hi Family :)

Ahhh being a missionary is just the best thing ever. This week was great! HAPPY BIRTHDAY (yesterday) MOM!!!! I sent you a letter last week, don't know if it came yet. It sounds like you're all doing great and fulfilling your church callings. Mom, Alma 5 is one of my all time FAVS!! So glad you read that with the Young Women. Dad, so excited about your news too :) You guys are so cool. Devin sent me TWO emails this week, which is a huge step up from his regular zero hahaha. Tara, still the #1 homie. Didn't hear from Dust this week... called out! Where you at? But seriously you guys are the coolest. 

Okay so this week was like miracles on parade. We got 2 new investigators and one already has a baptismal date. We've upped our game!! Haha Kori and Kurt. We taught Kori the Restoration and we talked a ton about the Priesthood which btw is just the coolest thing ever. He told us he's been baptized 4 times (gaahh flippin Missouri with it's thousands of churches and people preaching everywhere) so he really appreciated the whole "proper authority thing." He is the one that we found with the member who is really good at beat boxing! He taught me how to rap, we made a rap at FHE about the Book of Mormon with him haha! We also started teaching Kurt this week. He was a friend of this awesome member who invited him to have dinner with us, and now he has a baptismal date. It just goes to show that when we are brave and introduce our friends to the gospel or to the missionaries that Heavenly Father will take care of the rest. Kurt keeps thanking this member for filling this whole in his heart and he thinks we are like doing him this huge favor. Haha in reality he is teaching us more that we could ever teach him. 

Okay another miracle. So back in the day we used to stop by this house of a less active member alllll the time. We kind of got out of the habit though. This was like in the summer so we haven't gone since Sister Whitmarsh has been here. So this week he came to mind, and we went to see him. Well long story short, turns out he's deaf. GUESS WHO KNOWS SIGN LANGUAGE. Sister Whitmarsh. It was a straight miracle. Heavenly Father has a way of working those things out, it would have been way awko taco for me and Sister Walker to try and talk to him. So grateful for the miracle of timing! We also are going to start teaching a guy named Samuel who was found by other missionaries but he is also deaf and Sister Whitmarsh is like the only one who knows sign language. He is super cool...... at least I think he is, I wasn't the one to communicate with him hahah I just sit there and smile and she will ask me the questions she doesn't know and I just tell her and she signs it back. It's a good time. I think next time I'm gonna bring the big white board from our house and just write what I want to say and like draw pictures. I have a feeling it will become charades of me trying to act stuff out hahaha ahhhhh man it will be great. I'm so excited. 

It's getting so cold here!! I busted out all the winter stuff. Not holding back anymore! Yeah mom, I didn't know you were planning on shipping me a Christmas tree but we found one in our apartment so no worries, but send those stockings i have the perfect place to hang them!!! :) Whenever I am about to complain about being cold or the freezing rain that apparently is a midwest thing I just picture mom saying "you're fine" like she used to tell me when I would want to check out of school when i was sick haha. Holla at mom for being the queen of toughing things out and having a positive attitude. Actually holla at dad too you're both good at that #bionichips 

Thanks for everything! You guys are the best. Thanks for ponderizing and fulfilling your responsibilities in the church. You guys should invite our neighbors over for dinner with the missionaries just sayin it works :) okay love you so much talk to you next week!!!!!!!!!! 

btw the pic is after me and kori and anne did our rap, sister whitmarsh captured the fist bump. She's basically a photographer.  

Sister Broadhead

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