Tuesday, December 1, 2015

November 23rd-30th, 2015

Family. Hello.

Oh gosh this week was crazy. First of all, I love you guys! I loved hearing about your Thanksgiving. So sad I missed out on some classic family dodgeball. Scott and Steve were probably the only real competitors lol. You guys are so cool. Dad your job sounds sooo cool!!! I'm glad you're enjoying that. PS Mom can you tell Tara to stop wearing my clothes and then sending pictures of herself in my clothes to me lol?

Okay oh my goodness where do I start. First of all during Thanksgiving everyone and their dog AND their Grandma leave town. We weren't able to meet with a lot of people because they were gone. But we had a great week none the less. We taught our investigators so that's what's most important I guess. Don't even ask me about Dominique's baptism. Postponed AGAIN. So frustrating. One of these days I'll just send a picture when it actually happens. But everyone is doing great.

Yeah a member of the branch presidency had us over for Tgiving. They are the classiest people we literally ate by candlelight. So awesome. We all shared what we were most thankful for this year and it was awesome. This is what I shared just so ya'll know.
1. MY FAMILY. typical, I know. But when you are away from your family you are grateful for them in a different way.
2. THAT THE CHURCH IS THE SAME EVERYWHERE. Even when we're far from home, having a Thanksgiving meal with members of the church we realize we can never be far from home in the gospel. 
3. THE ATONEMENT OF JESUS CHRIST. There is a huge enabling power of the atonement that I never realized before my mission.The Savior is my favorite mission companion because he literally helps me all day every day in ways I never thought possible.

So the best part of our week was probably the new "A Savior is Born" card initiative! I soap boxed about it to my companion one morning about how we were going to be the first missionaries to give all the cards away and how we were going to talk to everyone we saw and it would require all our fear on the altar of sacrifice and how we were going to talk to people at stoplights from our car and bla blab bla bla. I went on for too long lol. But it worked! We have been going craaazyyy with those pass along cards. We gave away 100 just in one day. That's a lot people, the second highest given away from other missionaries in our zone was 9.....I made sister Whitmarsh run from door to door (mostly because I was cold) (and because the faster you work the more people you can talk to) It was great. I was so proud of us. We also found so many cool people to teach. MORAL OF THE STORY is the reason for the season is Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for this holiday season and that my full time responsibility is to teach people about the Savior!

Have a great week! It's still incredibly cold here but I love it. It's honestly so funny how cold it is lol. Who knew!? I

love you guys! Keep ponderizing!!! :)


Sister Broadhead

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