Wednesday, January 13, 2016

December 28th, 2015 - January 4th, 2016


Okay so many great things to talk about. First of all, YES I was on the news for sandbagging! Susan saw me! The news guy was filming me SO up close it was so awk. Then I found out later I was tying the bags WRONG hahahahah just me ruining the sandbags on the news. Sorry St. Louis. Second of all, this entire week everyone has been talking about "the flood of '93" and how this flood is worse! It's been crazy, we haven't been affected too bad though. We were in a companionship of 5 for a while though because some sisters couldn't get home. All the missionaries are fine though, so that's good. 

Let me just tell you about the 91654816th miracle we had with Dominique this week. So back story, Dominique had been trying to get married so she could get baptized. But because she is getting married she won't be baptized into the YSA, she would get baptized into the Assistants to the President's ward. So they have been coming to lessons with us so we could transition her, so we were having a little pow wow outside before we went in, discussing what to teach and the Aps and I felt strongly about teaching about Nephi's bow, SO RANDOM. But we wanted to talk about overcoming obstacles. My new companions hadn't met her yet so they had no idea haha. So we read the story and she LOVED it, we were having this great discussion about trials and then out of the blue she's like "how does the 24th sound?" My jaw just dropped. I have been trying to set a new baptismal date with her for WEEKS. I look at the APs with huge eyes because we were praying so hard before that we could set a date! It happened! It was just crazy. Then I'm like "for baptism??" She just starts laughing and says "yes! I know you're freaking out inside Sister Broadhead, I can already picture you jumping around tonight because you're so happy." HAHA how does she know me so well??? Then she told us that she has been saving up to move out, and she is moving in two weeks so she doesn't have to get married, she can just get baptized. It was so great. I was hit with a spiritual 2x4. It was one of those moments where I had perfect eternal perspective and understood why it hadn't worked out the 5 other times she wanted to get baptized.  I could just picture Heavenly Father and the Savior smiling during this moment of realization and saying "see Sister B? We told you it would work out." SO GREAT.

We met with a lot of less actives and recent converts too this week. I have been teaching this one less active, Ben for 6 months. Every week we taught him and tried to help him see how he could change his life. But this week, I invited him to come do service with us for another less active member in the other ward. Then last night, when we were meeting with him I asked him about his experience. Then I asked him, "Ben, missionaries have been doing service for this lady twice a week for 8 years. If you were us, what would you tell her?" Then he starts going on and on about how unfair that is that she doesn't come to church if everyone helps her so much and all this stuff. Then I asked, "why do you think she doesn't come? When 1:00 rolls around why don't you come to church?" He starts down this path about how church would help her and how just seeing missionaries twice a week won't help her spiritually. So then I said, okay yeah we've identified why we SHOULD come to church, but why doesn't she?" Then he got serious and said "because she knows that if she feels the spirit, she'll have to change her behavior. And that's scary." Then he said "holy crap, I just realized why I don't come to church." IT WAS AMAZING PEOPLE. His mom was there, she was just crying. We were crying. By the end of the lesson he concluded that he wants to go on a mission. WHAT? It was one of the most spiritual experiences of my whole mission. Those questions were straight from Heavenly Father and He knew they would help him identify why he wasn't coming and how he could change. We set some awesome goals with him and it was just incredible. 

So those were two great experiences I had this week! There are a million more but this email is already a novel. I love you guys, and I'm grateful for you. Have a great week! I'm going to include a video about the new year that I would invite you all to watch and share! 

Sister Broadhead

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