Thursday, February 25, 2016

February 15th-22nd, 2016

Dear Family,

I am so sad this transfer is ending! I will be staying in Mahomet and training a new missionary! I'm excited for the opportunity to train again. So we will drive to St. Louis early Tuesday morning to drop off Sista G and then I'll spend the night there and get my new companion on Wednesday. It will be great. 
Thanks for your emails! Sounds like you guys have been busy, but good. 
This week was awesome! The weather was BEAUTIFUL like in the 60s so we were outside all day everyday talking to so many people. I loved it. We found some super prepared people that had the light of Christ already in them so bright. When we were out walking looking for people we walked past our little family's trailer that we are teaching and they were out playing and Lexie was wearing shoes that were WAY too big and she didn't have any others so I gave her mine. So i had to use my debit card this week mom FYI to get new shoes don't freak out. They were pretty cheap from walmart haha. But Lexie gave us a card she made the next time we saw her that melted our hearts! She said "thank you for coming and teaching us about God and Jesus and how he sacrificed himself for us I don't know what I would do without you guys." I love them with  my whole heart. We dropped some of our "eternagators" this week. So hard, they will be ready at some point just not right now :) This week we also taught our recent convert families  and it is so exciting helping them progress to the temple! I love it!! So exciting. Mom, the lady that always texts you is Becky Morefield. You should be her best friend, she is amazing. We pretty much spend every P day with them and she feeds us every time we don't have a dinner so we are with her a lot. They got baptized in September and they LOVE the missionaries. They had triplets all with Cerebral Palsy, one of the triplets, Tucker, passed away. They are the most loving family on earth though! I had an awesome experience with Raji this week, she fed us (which was an awesome Indian experience) but we had a lesson before and at one point she bore pure testimony of Jesus Christ and how we become better people when we try to be like him - for just a moment it was like Christ Himself was in the room testifying of the gospel, it just blew my mind. I love Raji. 

Took lots of pics this week of us being happy little missionaries :) Ahh I just love this stuff people! Sorry this was short but we have a crazy day ahead of us getting ready for transfers! I love being a missionary, I love this work, I love this gospel. It's the most important thing we have, and how important it is to make these things known unto the inhabitants of the earth. Have a blessed week! 

Much love, 
Sister B

ps the pic of the little girl is Lexie

the next pic is the rest of the fam missing Lexie 

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