Tuesday, March 1, 2016

February 22nd-29th, 2016


Glad to hear you all had a good week. I can't believe you are just finishing the remodel haha. I have to say............ I take most of the credit for that beautiful kitchen. When I get home let's do the downstairs! Then I can move right back in and have a niiiiiiiiice basement to dwell in FOREVER ;) haha just kidding.  

We had a great week! Sister Grover and I drove in to St. Louis on Tuesday morning, I dropped her off and was in a tri with some sisters there until Wednesday afternoon. I got to be with Sister Holland for the day so it was fun reminiscing about our tri life last year. Then Wednesday I got Sister Christensen! She is from Provo UT and knows Jose Ventura which made my whole life. Small world people, small world. Then we drove back to Mahomet in Blizzard warning conditions. Kinda sketchy but not too bad. Good thing I'm a boss driver in snow. So we had a good time introducing her to everyone we are teaching this week. I feel like when I train new missionaries Heavenly Father just pours out the blessings. We had 3 investigators at church! #holla. Raji, of course. Then 2 of the Stallsmith kids. They came by themselves with no parent support. Pretty amazing. I love them. We taught them the Plan of Salvation this week and they had the best questions! I made some pretty impressive cut outs for a visual aid, it's so fun to teach them. 

So cool experience this week. We had an appointment cancel Sunday night and we couldn't drive anywhere because we were out of gas haha (my bad) so I was like, well let's start tracting! It was rainy so poor Sis C was miserable but I said "let's just say as many prayers as possible, and let the spirit take us this last hour. The day is almost over. We'll only knock the doors we feel prompted to" I was really trying to build Sister Christensens faith because it had been a rough week for her, so she was saying the prayer and in my head I was like "Heavenly Father, please let this work!" Hahaha it did! We were led to sooo many solid people! We are going to follow up with all of them next week and hopefully we can start teaching them. It was such a cool experience that built my faith more than anything! I love being a missionary! There is a God and He is so aware of us, and He will always, always, always help us! I love this work. I can't believe how fast time is going. It's actually incredibly depressing so I don't know why I always mention it but ANYWAYS i love you guys, thanks for all the support!

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