Wednesday, February 17, 2016

February 1st-8th, 2016

Dearest family,

I love your emails! We just crack up in the library over what our families send. People look at us funny. Whatever. This week ROCKED people. The drought is over, we got 4 new investigators this week! A FAMILY! #blessed. The kids are not baptized, their dad is a member but hasn't been active for a long time. They are seriously so hilarious. They are 13 (Hannah), 12 (Dakota), 9 (Lexie) and 9 (Adyn)  (twins). I was asking them what they wanted to do when they grow up and the Adyn yells "WORK AT A STRIP CLUB!" I was dying hahaha he has super bad ADHD he is so funny. He sang the entire song of "God Bless the USA" very dramatically before we said the closing prayer. They were all so excited to get their own Book of Mormons. 

We did lots of service this week. We were ripping out tile from a less active members shower. It was more like chiseling with a screw driver and hammer but it was awesome. We kept missing and cutting our hands up super bad and got blood all over her walls but we were just cracking up. I always tell people when we do service like that "My dad would be so proud of me for doing this! Actually he would probably be mad that I'm so happy to do this for you but would be complaining if I was doing it for him haha!" But it was awesome because she came to RS which she hasn't done in years and she said it wasn't that bad! 

We were able to teach Raji, Carlene, and Sonja too. They are all progressing so slow. We will probably have to drop them if they won't commit this week. The biggest missionary weakness is love! We love these people so much we can't stand the thought of dropping them. AHH! I don't want to think about it. 

The FUNNIEST thing happened I almost forgot, we were at the Cuellar's (they are from Mexico, the great grandma speaks no english she is this cute old Mexican lady, then her daughter Theresa who is a member, and her two daughters Iris and Kathy who have a bunch of cute little kids too) We were there for Iris because she's not active anymore but Kathy and Theresa are for the most part. But we love them all and we have lessons with them all together. Okay enough back story so we are having a lesson when out of the BLUE Iris's daughter Angela starts puking everywhere! Like tons of puke, she was just sitting there then like projectile vomit that smelled so bad hahah. Iris is pregnant so she freaks out, jumps up and starts gagging too and yelling "morning sickness!" and starts vomiting! Then the crazy great grandma gets up and starts cleaning it up with a blanket and pretend gagging super loud which makes me start dry heaving hahahah so everyone is pacing the room fanning themselves and gagging/throwing up it was HILARIOUS. Sister Grover HATES puke so she looks at me with teary eyes and says "we should go." It was pure chaos because there are like 12 people that live there. But the best part is the WHOLE time Theresa is just standing at the stove stirring the soup and wasn't phased at ALL! I was laughing SO hard. Oh my gosh I'm cracking up just typing this hahahahah it was so gross and hilarious. The soup Theresa made was delicious btw!

Also we had the coolest miracle. We gave a card to the lady at the gas station like a month ago and thought nothing of it. But just this week she said "you girls gave me a card a while ago and I talked to my husband and I'm gonna get Sundays off so I can come to church over there." You NEVER know who is prepared to receive the gospel. 

Here are our epistles for the week:

@FutureMrsMoroni On our way to put our name as clergy in hospitals and funeral homes for people in crisis #desperate #TheLastFindingIdea 

@FutureMrsMoroni That moment when you realize you and your companion are wearing basically the exact same outfit.... then you laugh even harder because that's the elders every day. 

@FutureMrsMoroni Did someone say home demolition? Call the sisters. #JustDidOurNails #Dangit

@FutureMrsMoroni getting referrals from Elder Bednar's daughter in law... #NoBiggie #OnOurWay

@FutureMrsMoroni really needed to send a letter so we followed the mailman to the next destination and stood outside her window until she looked at us and gave her the letter. #MissionLife 

Love you guys! I am so grateful to be here spreading the good news. Thanks for all you do! Have a great week!

the pics are home demo, and Tera after she signed her own Declaration of Independence to stop smoking! 

Sister Broadhead

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