Wednesday, February 17, 2016

February 8th-15th, 2016


This week was so awesome. I love and appreciate your emails so much. It's such a blessing for us to be able to communicate with our families weekly. You have no idea how much we look forward to it! So thanks for the emails, it's so fun hearing about your lives! Dad I can't believe you will be in St. Louis! I don't know if I'll be in the city or not when you're here but I could recommend SO many awesome places for you to go. Mom the YSA did that hungry hippo activity it's way fun, don't worry it won't be out of control. 

This week I had the chance to go to St. Louis and go to the temple!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so fun being back in my old area and seeing places I used to see every day. The temple was amazing and spiritual and needed. It was so special to be in a session with only missionaries, an opportunity that is rare. I just could go on for days about how much I loved it.

In other news, I was on exchanges in Springfield (where Abe Lincoln was born so his face is everyyywhereeee) but we taught this homeless guy and the next day I got a nasty eye infection. Lol it was gross we thought it was pink eye but a member looked it up and it wasn't. However, when I woke up I used my visine in both eyes then infected the other one! So both of my eyes were nasty and would glue shut from goo hahah oh so funny. They're healed now.

We had an awesome week of teaching! We got to teach the Stallsmith kids that we just love so much. They sadly didn't come to church but they will I just know it. We got to teach hilarious Charlene, and Raji, and Sonja. They're all doing great! Raji always comes to church she loves it. I just love being a missionary! 

It also snowed a bunch this week! So much that our cars got grounded (aka no driving) so we just walked everywhere and shoveled as much as we could! We did it in our skirts it was awesome. We were hoping people would see us in our skirts and wonder why we would be out dressed like that and let us in.... didn't happen haha. People were really grateful and we shared cards with them! But no new investigators. Everyone here calls it "scooping" not shoveling. One lady was like "how much for the scoop?" We were like "we don't charge! We are missionaries for our church. We teach people about Jesus Christ!" Next thing we know she shut the door and all the blinds. LOL. 

I love you guys! I'm so grateful to be part of this work. Christ is at the head of this church and this work. I have found real joy and pure love in Mahomet Illionis, who knew. Have a great week!! 

Sister Broadhead

Almost forgot... our epistles!

@futuremrsmoroni old lady pooped her pants during the lesson. She said "be right back" then we heard her get in the shower. #HowLongShouldWeWait?

@futuremrsmoroni if you sleep with onions in your socks it does NOT "pull the toxins out of your body." #Don'tAsk #OurFeetSmellHorrible

@futuremrsmoroni sitting in a lesson when two small children come creepin up inside a tent and slowly reach out to look up your skirt.... #HowDoTheyLearnTheseThings 


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