Tuesday, April 19, 2016

April 11th-18th, 2016

Dear family. Hello! Life is so great. Thanks for the emails and pictures. It makes my heart happy! I love hearing about how awesome FedEx is! Can I send stuff with a discount? I need to send home a package one of these days so let me know! Glad there was a sibling reunion in St. George :) Love you all.

So we had some really great lessons this week. We were so pumped because 5 of our investigators said they were going to come to church, we told the ward council and everyone was all excited for us and then only ONE came hahaha. It was hilarious. They did have some valid excuses/reasons for not being there. It was just funny. But while we were teaching them this week there were a lot of really sweet spiritual experiences. Bobbie was reading in the Isaiah chapters in 2 Nephi and had the most spiritual experience! She said even though she didn't really know what it was talking about she just felt so happy and couldn't stop smiling! Her 2 year old daughter saw her reading happily and asked "mommy, you wanna pray?" They did pray, and Bobbie wrote "I believe" in 2 Nephi 27. She didn't even believe in God when we met her, what a cool change we've seen. The Light of Christ is growing so bright in her. I love to see the Atonement and the spirit change people. She has a tough road ahead to baptism, battling some addictions, but she can do it! Sonja has been trying to gain a testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith. So we watched the Prophet of the Restoration with her and Dennis and it was amazing! It is such a powerful movie, I was just sitting on the couch crying haha realizing the sacrifice I am making is nothing compared to those early saints. Very humbling. Afterwards Sonja said "he really went through a lot didn't he. Now I know what his cause was for." Hopefully she takes that as an answer to her prayers! I love teaching people. There is nothing better than an investigator's humble prayer to know truth. I could go on and on about these people, buuuuut you kinda had to be there so I'll spare you. We did see another really cool miracle this week. So the second I got to this area I felt like we needed to teach this part member family, the Decker's. I have tried like 50 times to meet the dad who is not a member but he is literally alwaaaaays gone. We have gotten in to share messages only twice. So one day we only had 30 minutes to eat lunch and we were coming from Farmer City which was not close to our apartment at all so we figured we'd just get Subway. We walk in and walk past this guy and as always we smiled and said hello. We get in line and then the same guy walks up and slips me $20 and said "this one is on us." Then walked away before we could say a word! So we order and go to give him the change and asked if he was a member of the church, or how he knew who we were. He said, "my wife and kids are members of the church." Instantly I knew it was Brother Decker. It was!! The Lord knew of our righteous desire to meet this man and build a relationship with him. The timing was perfect, and as silly as it sounds that we were led to Subway, we really were! The Lord always provides. 

The weather has been beautiful here. All the cutie farmers are plowing their fields! Everywhere we go we see people plowing. I LOVE IT. Every day at noon the tornado sirens go off so the farmers know it's lunch time. It's called thenoon whistle. I love this little place. You guys would be so proud of me, I ate a spam, egg, and rice sushi roll. Kinda good, but probs wouldn't eat it again. This family in the ward lived in Japan and made us a lot of Japanese food. It was......interesting. They also got a new hot tub they wanted us to try out, but they knew we couldn't swim so they didn't fill it with water and had us sit in it empty with them hahahahaha. I love them. Another really quick miracle.... I know this email is long I'm sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We visit this family that is less active/part member. The first night we had an appointment, the second we walked in their power went out. We helped them get that figured out because it was the power connection to their trailer. We reset an appointment then for the next night and as we were driving there she called and said her car was dead at the car wash so we were able to help her with that, it turned into a really complicated car problem that I solved via the owner's manual LOL. So we RESET another appoitment for the NEXT day and then we were there with them when they found out some hard news with their family and we could offer comfort and support. It was really cool to be an instrument in the Lord's hand for them. Another one of those things where the timing was just too perfect. I know the Lord is guiding us every day! What a blessing it is to see his influence in my life, and in the lives of the people I teach. I love you guys, and hope you have a great week. Thank you for all the love and support. Talk to you next week!! 

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