Monday, April 25, 2016

April 18th-25th, 2016

Family. I love this place. I vote the whole family just moves to Mahomet once I'm done with my mission because I am never leaving! Thanks for your emails. You guys have been busy! So exciting. It's almost summer so that's good, it's probably finals week though... gross. Hang in there peeps!

Well we are just really blessed. We had a great lesson with Bobbie this week. So as you know she has been hesitating to be baptized because she's trying to quit smoking and quit some other things. But she just wouldn't commit to a date last week because she thinks she will fail. SO we go to have a lesson and we were planning on just committing her to quit smoking. So we have this spiritual lesson about the baptismal covenant, and the Atonement, and becoming better. Out of the blue, she's like "okay how about May 10?" I was like, "to quit smoking?" She says, "no to get baptized!" It was so awesome!!!!!!!! The Lord can change people's hearts. It was so awesome. She ended up changing her date to the 19th which is Nick's date! So we will just have a line of people to get baptized that day! Yay! Back to Bobbie. As a missionary we can do this really cool thing called promising people blessings. I felt inspired to promise her that if she resolved to quit smoking, the Lord would take the desire from her. Well the next day we got the CUTEST voice mail from her that I basically have memorized. She said "Good morning sisters! I just wanted to let you know you put a curse or a hex on me! In a good way! I have only smoked 2 cigarettes today when I would have normally chain smoked a pack. I prayed to God last night because I just knew I would fail, but I asked him to take the temptation, and He has. It's been hard, but I'm so happy. So thank you." 
I DIED! She is amazing. She is cutting back more and more each day! She'll have quit completely in no time. Nick is still down to get baptized and his whole fam was at church with him! They had previously been less active so that is awesome. I love their family! We have so many cool investigators that I could go on and on about for days. So many little miracles that show me over and over again that the Lord is in charge of this work. Every night we have call ins with the Ward Mission Leader and he asks us how we have seen the hand of the Lord that day and without fail we always have something to share. Sometimes as simply as pulling in at the perfect time and catching a dodgy less active at the dumpster haha. 

I love the corn fields. I love the flatness. I love you guys! Have a great week! Hopefully I'll have the details about skype soon! XOXO

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