Tuesday, April 12, 2016

April 4th-11th, 2016

Family! We had transfers this week, but I'm obviously staying because I'm still training Sister Christensen which is going great! So glad to be staying in Mahomet. I love this place, I never want to leave!! I'll be halfway done with my mission this week, so depressing. Time just goes so fast.

Anyways. So we got this new investigator named Nick who just married a member who has 4 cutie kids! Well we had only taught him once when they texted us a few days later and said they had a surprise to tell us!! We had a feeling he got an answer to his prayers about baptism :) So they had us over for dinner and told us he wants to get baptized May 19! Pretty awesome. They came to church and really liked it.... except for some how in Elders Quorum they started talking about Kolob and Facsimiles! Whyyyyyy hahaha. The Elders that we share the ward with were telling us we would have to do some damage control. His wife, Emily, is so great. She hasn't been to church in a long time but knows it's true and always testifies of what we teach. It was so good for her to be at church! Can't wait to teach them again tonight. The kids are hilarious and make us laugh so hard. Their daughters Elayna and Brileigh always joke about coming to have a sleepover at our apartment no matter how many times we tell them it's not allowed! But Brileigh said something and Elayna who is 8  years old says "If anyone is going to stay with them it's gonna be ME and MY stuffed animals!" I DIED laughing she's so cute and reminds me of Chloe and Gracey!  

Okay so cool story, late last week we drove by some town houses that I had never noticed before, but felt SO prompted to tract them!! So we busted a U and tracted them. There were only like 2 people home so I was confused why we were led there. Then 2 days later we got a media referral for a guy that lives at those town houses!! It was crazy, his name is Andrew and he has the cutest family on this planet! He is the coolest guy that has had a very tragic and unfair life, he is trying to feel God's love because he is really mad at what has happened in his life and doesn't think God loves him. It's heartbreaking but he is starting to see how blessed he is despite his trials. He gets visible goose bumps when we testify of Joseph Smith, or the Plan of Salvation, he can't deny the spirit he feels because we see it haha! We explained Joseph Smith and he knew it was true right away. We are going to meet his wife today and hope we can start teaching her too. 

The Stallsmiths moved :( They had to move with one day notice so we had to go say bye and take some pictures. I'm so sad!! I have really learned a lot about charity by teaching that family, it was a trial and a blessing at the same time. Those kids deserve this gospel and they were held from it and it was the most frustrating thing, but it was my lesson to learn. 

We are truly so blessed to be members of this church. I wish everyone knew about it! How real it is! It just blows my mind how much happiness it brings to my life and to the lives of the people I teach. Being a missionary is the best thing ever. Love you peeps!

I love you all

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