Tuesday, May 3, 2016

April 25th-May 2nd, 2016

Dearest family. I know I say this EVERY week but.... we had such an amazing week!!!! It's been rainy but it makes everything so green and beautiful. Thanks for your emails, I always appreciate hearing about what is going on with your lives. Can't wait to skype next week! So we are going to a members around 5:30 our time which I'm pretty sure is 4:30 Utah time. The call will come a little after 4:30 by the time we figure everything out.

So good news, we now have 3 with baptismal dates! Wahoo! We went to teach Sonja planning to drop her because she missed church for a few weeks and she had received all the lessons so we go over and we were talking about something so simple, and all the sudden she started crying and said she felt the spirit confirm that Joseph Smith was a prophet which was her big hang up! It was crazy! So we went through the baptismal questions and she set a new date for May 21. She even bore her testimony on Sunday and told everyone about her spiritual experience. I have seen the biggest change in her, it blows my mind how the Atonement of Jesus Christ can really and truly change people. Nick still wants to get baptized in May, just a few days before Sonja, and Bobbie. Yay life. We are really excited about what is happening in Mahomet. Not to toot my own horn, but the elders that I white washed out of this area were telling me how hard it was and unsuccessful would be, it just goes to show how your attitude and faith affect everything! This area is not dead, it has the most dates in the mission. I am grateful most of all to the Lord for leading us to those that are prepared and sending answers at the perfect time. We did some service for our investigator Laura this week, we demolished this brick wall and I was majorly sore the next day haha. It was good because her husband wasn't super on board with the whole "Mormon" thing, but our service softened his heart. Yay service. 

I can't believe the transfer is over halfway over. Time FLIES. I was in Springfield for a day on exchanges with Sister Day and that was super fun! Springfield is a cool place, truly the land of Lincoln. Mom you would love it. 

Can't wait to skype peeps! Can you believe it's already time to skype again??!! We literally JUST did at Christmas! It feels like it was just 2 minutes ago. 

Love all of you. Thanks for the support. This is Christ's church, I know He lives and loves us.

PS The pic is of Laura and her kids, she took us out to lunch to take a break from the home renovations. 

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