Monday, May 16, 2016

May 19th-16th, 2016

Dearest Family! I love you. Thanks for the emails! So fun that you are going to St. Kitt's! That will be a blast. Summer is the bomb. Sad to hear about Nana, hope she is doing okay.

This week was awesome! Sonja has completely quit smoking! I am SO proud. We have been exercising with her every morning to try and get her mind off it and she has been doing a LOT of reading. She's so pumped for her baptism. It's really cool because her husband, Dennis, is baptizing her and he was previously less active, he hasn't been active since like the 90s so I am pumped for both of them. Dennis said he is going to cannon ball into the font (we obviously told him that's not appropriate) and Sonja said after she comes out of the water she's gonna shout "woohoo!!!" I wouldn't put it past either of them haha. It's just awesome to see how excited they are. The best part is they have their sights on the temple! That's all Sonja talks about. 

Nick is equally excited to get baptized! We had a white jumpsuit fashion show because the choices are far and in between but we found one that fit! We are having FHE with them again tonight. The kids are finally starting to accept it as something their family will do every week. We've been doing it for like a month straight haha. Nick and his 2 boys went on the father and son campout this weekend with the Bishop and his boys and apparently it rained the whole time hahaha. One of the boys is named Lucas, he is like 10 years old and is so cute and kinda chubby and I was like "Lucas what was your favorite part?" He said "the donuts." Hahahahaha so hilarious. 

The storms here are craaaazy. We were out tracting one day and it was blue skies when we started then we saw this dark shadow start to roll in.... within like a half hour the sky was like a blackish green and we were like uhhhh... so we're idiots and just kept tracting. This guy stopped his car and said "are you broken down??? Get in I can take you somehwere!" We were like "oh no we're good!" He looked at the storm, looked back at us and said "you realize there is a severe thunderstorm coming right?" we were like "yeaaahh... we're not from here." Haha so we started back to the car which turned into running because it got crazy. SO much wind. So much rain. Full on Wizard of Oz status. That night the District Leader called and had to take a "head count" Lol and asked if there was any damage to the apartment or car. Got pretty crazy! 

Brother Palumbo who was previously less active quit smoking so he could ordain his son and his wife just accepted a calling in the RS! I love them, I'm so grateful they are coming back to church. Ande is quitting too and is reactivated. I am so grateful that the Savior can truly take addictions from people. We've attended the Addiction Recovery Class for a couple weeks now with Andrew and Sonja, and it's so cool! The whole thing is about turning people to the Savior and letting Him heal them. He is the only one who can heal them. 

I love this work, I love the Lord, and I love this gospel! Transfers are coming up and I'm scared my time in Mahomet is winding down and it's depressing. We'll see what happens! Thank you for all the love and support. I appreciate it so much. Ya'll are amazing. 

The pics are of the storm and the afghans Sis Morefield made us!

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