Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 23rd-30th, 2016

Hey fam! 

Thanks for all your emails! Sounds like life has been crazy! The summer is always busy.

 Fenton is awesome! I've gotten to see some people I taught while I was in the YSA so that's been super fun. My life has been so crazy lately. We had Mission Leadership Conference on Friday and it was President and Sister Morgan's last one :( We'll get our new president in July. But it was amazing! So the mission has been doing tours of the temple grounds and President wanted all the leaders to see the tour so we could explain it better to people we teach. So we all did the tour at the temple and then President was like, "so we're gonna start our MLC right now by........ doing a session together!" We were all like about to faint we were so happy!!! We all SPRINTED to the car to get our recommends and it was raining but we were so thrilled. It was a really cool sight to see like 20 missionaries just running to the temple. I hope we can always run to the temple, and always be that excited to go inside. The whole MLC was about eternal life and the temple. So we've been preparing a training to give at Zone Conference about the temple, it's gonna be great. We're also doing a talent show so Sister Bishop and I learned how to make balloon animals and that's what we're doing haha. 

It's good to be back in the city, we went downtown on Pday and explored, went to a really cool art museum. I miss the corn fields, but I'm excited about this new adventure. We also went to a ward picnic that was so fun. I really love this ward. 

I'm on exchanges right now with Sister Holland who I served with in Frontenac/YSA so it's been so fun catching up. Life is good, talk to you next week!

Thanks for all you do! 

sorry no pics i forgot my card reader so i'll send a lot next week 

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