Wednesday, June 15, 2016

May 30th - June 6th, 2016

Hello! We had a great week in Fenton. DAD THAT IS SO CRAZY THAT YOU ARE COMING TO ST LOUIS. I'll be hiding from you haha. If you guys have time you should go to Pappy's or Fitz's. You will love St. Louis, it's been a great home for 11 months. 

We had a blessed week here. First of all, I forgot how hot and humid it is here in the summer. We taught Kayla who is the CUTEST 16 year old who wants to get baptized in July. SO thrilled about her. A priest in the ward shared a link on Facebook of General Conference and she actually watched it and wanted to come to church. What 16 year old does that? One that has been prepared by God to receive the gospel. Pretty cool. We've also been teaching Stephanie who wants to get baptized in July! She is the coolest. She's dating a member who has been less active who is also hilarious. They live in a pretty sketchy area and they live with sketchy people so we just teach her sitting Indian style on the driveway sweating to death but it's like the most joyful thing. I think we should swipe some chairs from the church or something. I love Fenton the ward is amazing. 

We had a "mini missionary" for the week and she was so fun to have. The stake does a program where the priests and laurels can spend 4 days with the missionaries to see what it's like. Ours was Rebekah she is in our ward, and she really didn't want to come but her parents kind of made her, but by the end of the week she said she wanted to go on a mission. It's pretty awesome :) she's the cutest thing on this planet. 

Sonja and Nick are doing well. I got to talk to Kurt on the phone! He's going to start coming to lessons with us and I'm SO EXCITED to see him. Dominique is still "a believer" she just works 3 jobs. Also Haley, who got baptized into the YSA when I was there but who I only half taught, lives in Fenton and we see her all the time. She's going on a mission :) I love recent converts! I have been so blessed to have taught soooooooooo many amazing people.

We have been preparing for another zone conference this week and for another week of exchanges with sisters! We keep very very busy. My body is so tired but my spirit is alive! There is no where else I'd rather be. I love missionary work with my whole soul. Never coming home. 

Love you guys, have a great week! 

Sister Broadhead

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