Friday, June 24, 2016

June 13th-20th, 2016

Hey family! We had a great week. Thanks for all your emails I really appreciate them. This week we finished exchanges! Yay! I love them but they're exhausting. We got to teach cutie pie Kayla. She is legit the best. We taught her the word of wisdom and asked her to stop drinking coffee and she was like "yeah I knew you guys didn't drink that so I already quit." We are like "HOW ARE YOU SO COOL." I love her. I also love the family that has shared the gospel and fellowshipped her. The McDermotts <3 they are amazing. We got to teach Steph (who is the one we teach in the driveway fyi dad) and got attacked by bugs/sweated our brains out but it's still the best thing ever!!! We are trying to help her over come some addictions. She already has so many righteous desires for her life, she just needs to work hard to get there. Christ doesn't take people out of the slums, he takes the slums out of people, and then they take themselves out of the slums. That is what is happening with Stephanie. We taught and dropped James because he went cray and was like yelling at us, we taught Chelsea who is SO COOL, we also started teaching the coolest fam ever. This lady Shannon is less active and the sisters before us tracted into her and found out she was a member! She has a non member daughter and boyfriend that we love and adore that finally agreed to take the lessons!!! Wahooo!! We were all bummed though because they're moving, but turns out they are moving within our area so we can still teach and dunk them. #blessed. Basically Fenton rocks.

Some crazy things that happened this week: I ate a chicken foot. This family fed it to the Elders and they were feeding us the next night and they told us they were going to give us chicken feet like they gave the Elders so we were freaking out. The Elders had leftovers that they made me try in the parking lot so I could practice not gagging hahaha. Turns out they DIDN'T EVEN FEED US CHICKEN FEET. They fed us these spam egg roll things. I would have rather had the chicken feet LOL they were surprisingly kind of good. They're from the Philippines. Also this week I bought these super cheap mints and was pooounndddinggggg them and on the back there is this tiny warning that says "excessive consumption causes a laxative effect." The rest is history people. Talk about cold sweats in 105 degrees. I also got to see sister Walker! She came to visit the mission and showed up to see me! I was so grateful. I was actually on exchanges in the first apartment I lived in on my mission when I was companions with her so it was like total flash back to be in that apartment with my trainer. Tender. 

I hope you all have a great week! Thanks for all the love and support. Ya'll are amazing.  

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