Wednesday, June 15, 2016

June 6th-13th, 2016

Hello dear family. So grateful for your emails. Getting to hear from your family only once a week, makes that one day super exciting. So thanks to those that put forth the effort to update me on your life. Mom, I'm not sure who would have called you from the ward. Sounds confusing. I guess if it was important they'll call again. The zone conferences the last two weeks have been great. Our trainings were good with lots of participation so it was fun. The missionaries in this mission are just so cool! I'm convinced we have the coolest mission in the world. We laugh and have so much fun together.

Let me just tell you... I forgot how hot Missouri gets. HOLY MOLY. First thing, KAYLA CAN GET BAPTIZED IN FENTON WOOHOO! She technically doesn't live in our ward boundaries but we got permission from the Bishop, Stake President, and President Morgan for her to get dunked in our ward. So so happy. I love teaching her. She's seriously such an incredible 16 year old. So sensitive to the spirit, and kind, and not dramatic at all which is weird for me because you know how dramatic i can be.................... I just love her. We taught some super cool people this week. We got a media referral which is rare! This guy named James who had been taught by missionaries in the 70s and has been doing some soul searching and now wants to be taught again. He's a cool guy. 

I got to go on exchanges this week to Union which is such a beautiful area and we saw so many miracles! I feel so inadequate sometimes especially to be a leader, so the whole time I just pray that a miracle can happen and that I can somehow be an example to these sisters. Let me just tell you, Heavenly Father has blessed me so much. Exchanges are always amazing. I also exchanged with the Crystal City sisters, but stayed in our area with Sister Richards who is seriously the cutest. She's only been out 3 weeks and she's so cool! We had so much fun. 

Okay but the highlight of my week was the temple tour! The mission started offering temple grounds tours every month, and the sisters nearby all go to give tours! So it's us and 3 other sets of sisters from surrounding areas. We were at the temple for about 5 hours giving tours to hundreds of people that came! It was SO COOL. I've been trying really hard to memorize the script (which is 3 pages mind you) and prepare for zone conferences and go on exchanges and I was super overwhelmed haha there just wasn't enough time in the day! I was so nervous because I had barely gotten the whole thing memorized the night before. But then it was totally fine! I was fine because i had put in my effort (which included crying dramatically the night before on the bathroom floor and telling Sister Bishop I couldn't memorize it) and God took care of the rest. (remember when I said I'm dramatic?) I was SO GRATEFUL for the opportunity to tell people about the temple and to feel the most powerful spirit there. Kayla brought her mom and it totally softened her heart, and hopefully someday her mom will have a desire to get baptized and learn about the gospel. All our recent converts and less actives came. missionaries from all over the mission brought their investigators and less actives. It was amazing. I have also never sweat so much in my life. It was 100 degrees the whole time plus the humidity. We chugged so much water. MY LIFE ROCKS PEOPLE. I LOVE IT. 

I love my mission, I love the missionaries serving around me, I love the humidity, I love the Morgans, I love my companion, I love the Lord. I am so blessed and so grateful. Words cannot convey the things I've learned here! I love you guys, thanks for all you do! Have a great week! 

2 super quick super cool things. 
Last Pday I got to see the Morefields! Remember them from Mahomet? They are down in St. Louis because Tanner is in the hospital. Unfortunate circumstances but I was so grateful to see them. Also, St. Louis has a huge Bosnian population. There is a family in Fenton, the Alomonivics who are from Bosnia and we went to see them yesterday and they were cooking a freaking lamb hahaha I was dying. It was like a huge rotating cooker. Bro Alomonivic shaved some meat off for us to try and it was soooooooooo good. They signed up to feed us next week. So pumped. 

Ok love you bye.

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