Saturday, September 10, 2016

August 29th - September 5th, 2016

Family! Hope you had a good holiday weekend. Life has been swell here in Fenton. Love this place! This week we've been doing a lot of finding, and sititng in meetings. We had another zone conference which went super well, and Mission Leadership Council. We've met a lot of really cool peeps! It's been a blur, I feel like we just BARELY emailed.

So this MLC, President Bateman was telling us how he's been making a lot of changes, and really raising the vision of the mission, but how he doesn't want us to get stressed out! (which was an answer to my prayers haha, he has really high expectations.) So for MLC he said he just wanted to give us spiritual strength. Basically he taught us SO MUCH from the Book of Mormon. It blew my mind. I could not believe the things I'd missed as I've been reading that book! It has so much depth. I'm so grateful for the scriptures, and for the words of living prophets. I'm vowing to myself to still have personal study every day when I get home. It's been in those early hours on my mission where I've found God and found my testimony. 

Updates on some of our gators, cutie pie 9 year old Sonja is doing good. Can't remember if I told ya'll about her, she's a child of record. Her mom is less active. We've been teaching her. She tried to teach me how to play her violin and it literally sounded like nails on a chalkboard. Not my strong suit. Shannon's family not doing so well, we taught them a particular commandment that they won't live and it shattered my heart into a million tiny pieces. I've said it before and I'll say it again... the hardest part of a mission is seeing people that KNOW it's true, and still walk away. Hopefully they will change their minds down the road. But for now their life style doesn't fit God's will. :( We weren't able to see our best friends the Thompkins, hopefully this week. I told the APs this week that I'm frustrated with our teaching pool and they said "well then go find a new one!" So that's what we're gonna do. 

We threw another Sister's Pday this week, we rock at that. I love the sisters that we serve ❤ I've learned so much from them! Sorry about the short email, gotta hustle to exchanges! Love this busy life! So grateful for all of you! Try to share the gospel this week and see how HAPPY it makes you. Dare you. 

Also just wanted to share my fav quote from PMG "You need to be a Christlike missionary, not just do missionary things." 

1. the mission leadership council aka my best friends
2. our sisters
3. Sis Bishop bottomed out the car 😂
4. Does taking a pic with FedEx count as taking a pic with Dad? 

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