Wednesday, September 14, 2016

September 5th-12th, 2016

Familia ❤ Don't even ask me how it's been a week already! Holy smokes! We had a good week. Sounds like you did too. We had back to back exchanges which is as close to death as I've ever come but it's all good. So tired! This week we have back to back exchanges AGAIN and mission conf with a member of the 70 (Elder Andersen) and ANOTHER mlc with Elder Andersen. Gonna be so fun. So good news, Shannon's family is back! They apparently just had to pout for a few weeks.... but they want to keep learning. We're teaching another part member fam too! Todd and Lisa. Also our cute 9 year old Sonja. Our other family dropped us :( Also teaching some other people here and there. Lee, Rebecca, Carrie. Fenton is on fire! I love this ward soooo much. If for whatever reason I had to move to St. Louis, I'd totally move to this ward. Love these people so so so much! 

We've been out and about trying to find and teach as many people as possible. One night we were at the park contacting people when these people came up to us with these freaky snakes and we held them! It was my biggest fear. It was worth it though because we got to talk to them for like 15 minutes. Who takes their snakes walking??? Conquering so many things on my mission! Trying new things is so fun. I like green beans now, and milk. Can you believe it??? You won't even recognize me in 4 months

I wish I could describe to you all our miracles. We get thrilled over the little things that doesn't seem like a big deal to the "real world" just know I've come to know my Savior a little better this week. Also know that I know this work is so so important! We found out that the total cost of mission expenses divided by the total number of converts means each convert is 7,500 dollars haha. God cares about missionary work! These converts are precious! I love you guys! Thanks for all you do! 

sis Bishop lost her planner at the park so we had to go after curfew and find it LOL 
Cute Katie, Shannon's sister. We love teaching her! 

Sister Broadhead 

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