Friday, September 23, 2016

September 12th-19th, 2016

Dearest Fam, this week rooooooocked! We had so many great experiences. First of all, Elder Andersen is the COOLEST. We got to have a mission leadership meeting with him and it blew my mind. He taught us so much about how to build others up and how to love people, and ultimately how to become more like the savior. Then we had a mission conference with him and he blew my mind again, then he came to Stake Conference where my mind was blown for the third time. It was so fun getting to know him and his wife! I'm so grateful for the general authorities, I seriously know they are called of God, and have power and authority. You can just feel it when you're around them!

At our mission leadership meeting, he asked us to bare our testimonies to him, but to only say what we absolutely know to be true and to cut all the fluff because the Holy Ghost doesn't know what to do with the fluff! So we all went and only took about 45 seconds each to bare pure truth that we know for ourselves and the spirit was incredible. The Holy Ghost pierced my heart stronger than ever before. It was one of the most spiritual experiences of my mission. I wish every congregation in the church could have a testimony meeting like that. Cut the fluff, cut the stories, and the gratitude, and bare puuuuure truth. So cool!

We found some really cool investigators this week. The only problem is, they are going through really hard and sad things which makes me sad for them! I have a hard time separating their problems from me, they become my problem. The first one we found is named John, he's been taught before but dropped the sisters because his wife committed suicide. That was about 9 months ago and he is still distraught. He's looking for a lot of answers and hope, and I know the gospel will help him if he'll apply the principles in his life. He is so cool and we love him so much! Another one is Justin, he is 18, just graduated, has a little baby, trying to get out of a gang, trying to get away from drugs, and SO HUMBLE. He is so cool. Most of the lesson was about repentance and how much God loves him. I haven't cried in a lesson in a while, but I cried with him. I just wish people could feel the LOVE that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have for us. We also started teaching Dan this week. Real interesting guy. We'll see how it goes. So Shannon's family is in limbo, they need to decide what they want! So frustrating. Todd and Lisa are good. Sonja is awesome. LOVE THESE PEOPLE.
My time with Sister Bishop is growing short! I'm so sad! It's been such a fun 3 transfers. Only 3 transfers until I'm done 😥

So funny story. We were supposed to be to mission conference at 8 am. We were like a half hour late because our area flooded the rain was so bad and there was SO MUCH traffic. Good thing was Elder Andersen wasn't there either. We walk in and the chapel was dead quiet, everyone was perfectly fit into the middle section so we awkwardly sat on a side pew alone and it was so awkward! The second we sat down we got a text from the Assistants, and the St. Louis Zone Leaders, and the South Zone Leaders making fun of us. Then the entire day everyone made fun of us! Ugh!

Thanks for all you do family!! I love you lots! Have a good week!

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