Monday, October 17, 2016

October 10th-17th, 2017


I love you. Thanks for the emails. Thanks for the package mom! So we had a crazy week. We trained at our 2 ZLTs and they went well! The more of those trainings I give the less scary they become. They are kind of fun now! Here are some other updates in no particular order:

THE TEMPLE WITH HALEY WAS AMAZING. I can't even begin to describe the feelings I had in the temple that day. I love Haley with all of my heart, I'm so grateful I got to be there. Moments like that make the WHOLE mission worth it. I can't wait to be there with Kurt in a few months. 

This is going to be a long explanation but it will be worth it! So our investigators are being pretty flakey so we were bummed about that. On Sunday for comp study we were role playing like crazy and practicing our teaching skills (I'm into that these days and my comps are good sports) and I really wanted to practice teaching the Restoration in under 5 minutes because we meet a lot of people that don't have a lot of time! So Sunday evening we decide to go visit this less active named Caleb. (by the way, we had set a goal to have a member present lesson but we weren't sure when, who, or how.) We pull up and Caleb is sitting outside with his NON MEMBER brother in law. We sit down and start talking to them for a little bit then we asked Dakota, the brother in law, if he ever wondered what Caleb believes. He said yes but he was really busy and might not have time. Guess what our response was?? "We can do it in 4 minutes." We picked up Dakota as a gator and got a member present lesson. Half hour later we drive by a potentials house named Chrissy that Sister Bishop and I met months ago, the Holy Ghost basically yelled at me to stop and "teach them the Restoration" the prompting was SO specific and SO strong. They received us so well, invited us in. We were talking for a little bit and Chrissy told us she has actually read some of the Book of Mormon before! We asked her if she knew where the Book of Mormon came from and how we got it. She said no, so we asked if we could explain it to her and she said "sure, but my kids have to go to bed in 10 minutes." Guess what our response was??? "Oh no problem, we can explain it in 4." PEOPLE. IT WAS AMAZING. We're now teaching Chrissy and her teenage kids Hunter and Haley. Goal setting is an act of faith, and God will help us if we really want to achieve our goals. God knows who we can teach, He knows where they are and He knows their name. Even if we don't know at the beginning of the day. 

We also got to have a "president's pday" on Saturday. The Batemans take Pday on Saturday because that's when Sydney (their 14 year old daughter) can do stuff with them. So once a transfer he does a pday with the zone! So fun! Basically we went to the mission home and played sports for 3 hours. SO FUN. There are 2 other sisters that played basketball in high school so we played President Bateman and his daughters it was hilarious. I never thought I would box out my mission president but it totally happened. Then we asked President Bateman if we could play against some elders and he said we could! So me and Sister Hulme, Sister Lott, and his daughter played the Zone Leaders, and 2 other elders and WE WON! Hahaha they were too scared to touch us. One of the elders was trying to steal it from me so I stiff armed his face and said "don't touch me" then scored on him. Best day ever. However, we could barely walk the next day we were so sore..... so who are the real losers..... 

Well sorry about the long email. Life as a missionary is so great! Love it love it love it. Time goes way too fast. By the way, we won't have a pday until next wednesday so don't think I'm dead next week! 

Love you guys! Thanks for all you do. I pray for you every day and I'm so grateful for all the support.  ​​

Sister Broadhead

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