Monday, October 17, 2016

October 3rd-10th, 2016

Fam Bam. This week has flown by, like they all do. I can't believe you already got that letter!! They really plan ahead. We call them "trunky papers" around here. Don't worry I'm not trunky yet. Still got 2 and a half transfers! 

We had MLC last week which was the best thing ever. I love learning from President Bateman, that guy is a straight genius. We learned a lot, and now we've been trying to make a training based off of what we learned. It's going alright haha. We have two ZLTs this week. We set two more baptismal dates this week. We've been finding a lot of new people, it's been good.

updates on Justin: That kid is SO COOL. After conference he felt all forgivey and nice so he got back together with his baby mama. Not what I was expecting but hey, we'll work with it. So now we're teaching her too. Her name is Lexie, she's really sweet. A lot more skeptical than Justin so I really hope she doesn't hinder his progress. It was really cool to see Justin teach her what he already learned, and bare testimony about the Restoration. Doesn't get better than that! 

updates on Sonja: I love her. I love her family too. Her mom Heike is soooo cool. We went to drop something off to Heike but she wasn't home from work yet so we ended up playing soccer with the kids in the front yard for like 20 minutes and we lost so bad. Shane is 10, Sonja is 9, and Heiko is 6 and we got WRECKED. Sister Hulme got slide tackled, I rolled my ankle, and sister Nelson got hit in the gut with the ball so hard the wind got knocked out of her. All in all, it was the funnest thing I did all week. I LOVE THOSE KIDS. They have a lot of struggles getting along, so when Heike got home and saw all her kids playing together and having fun she was sooooo so so happy. We limped up to her the next day at church and told her how sore we were and she called us out on how out of shape we are. She's this really insanely in shape german lady. Love her!! 

updates on John: he came to church! He's the one whose wife committed suicide about 9 months ago and he's been so hopeless. Well he came to church and I think he liked it! It was soooo good for him to get out of the house and be with people! We kind of tricked him into coming because we told him to meet us for a "lesson" at the church at 9:30. Church is at 10. He stayed. :) 

BEST SURPRISE EVER. Do you remember Madi Peterson who we taught this summer? She's 15, wants to get baptized but has to wait until she's 18? Remember? She was at church this week! She came to surprise me and visit for the weekend. I saw her and just started crying hahaha I love her so so so so so so much. She cried too. We hugged and hugged. I love her. She's going to come to sisters pday today to surprise Sister Bishop. So excited. 

We're throwing another Sisters Pday today at the mission home. Combined with the zone S. Bishop is over because I MISS HER. A member sent us this cute heart pic today. We were the dream team. I asked Sister Bateman if we could do our laundry there because it's so expensive with 3 of us now. I'm sick of paying for my laundry! It's been 6 months now. Ugh. 

Another awesome thing, so remember Haley? Recent convert, got baptized in the YSA when I was there? She has been coming out on splits with us a lot because she's leaving for her mission soon. MORAL OF THE STORY she's going the temple to receive her endownment on saturday and President Bateman said I can go!!!! YAY! Can't even wait. 

It has been a really great week. Thanks for the emails and all the support. You guys are truly amazing. I love you love you love youuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!

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