Wednesday, October 5, 2016

September 26th-October 3rd, 2016

Hello dearest Family. So far so good with the Tri. At transfers President Bateman held my hands and thanked me over and over for helping him with this, so that softened my heart a lot about the situation. I love that guy. My new companions are Sister Hulme and Sister Nelson. They both have been out just over a year and they are so sweet! Sister Hulme is from a few places, most recently Louisiana. Sister Nelson is from UT. We've had fun so far. I decided that we would just go on member splits as often as possible to get more work done so it's been great! I've been going out with members while the other sisters go see people and we've been teaching a lot more lessons and the area will be exploding soon! 

Let me just tell you about Justin. We taught him this week a few times and it was incredible. That kid gets more out of the Book of Mormon than anyone I've ever taught. This week he read about Ammon cutting off the arms and this is what he said about it "I've never thought about evil like that before. Ammon just took control of the evil! I'm going to figuratively "cut off" the evil from my life. I'm cutting off the people that want me to do bad things. I don't even want to smoke anymore and I don't know why!" We were DYING. Then he came to conference on Sunday and we met in between sessions to answer his questions and this is what he said: "There is no drug or drink out there that is stronger than the feelings I feel here. I feel this immense love that I can't even comprehend." THE SPIRIT IS SO REAL. Justin agreed to be baptized on October 22 after we said a kneeling prayer and knelt in silence for what felt like 5 minutes. Justin is changing his life, and he's changing mine in the process. 

We also had a really cool experience this week with one of my favorite people ever, Teena LaRoue ❤ She has been reeeeeally really depressed since I've been in the area, to the point of being suicidal. Last week, we read her D&C 122:7-9 and she had a Priesthood blessing and then before we left she said one of the most humble sincere prayers I've ever heard. The next day she said she woke up, got out of bed, and felt completely different. She said her body didn't hurt anymore, she felt happy, she felt the spirit and she was just so happy! She called us and told us she was healed. The Savior can heal us if we let  him. The next time we went over for dinner she was dancing to Elvis, I never ever EVER thought I would see Teena be so happy. Goes to show that the Lord has power to change us. 

It was just the best week ever people. Conference was the BEST. SO much talk about missionary work. I was dying. I wish we could have conference every week. We are so lucky to have a LIVING prophet on the earth today. I know that those men are chosen of God to lead us. Such a blessing. 

SO many miracles this week. Wish I could describe them all to you. Life is good. Thanks for all you do family! I love this work!

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