Sunday, November 20, 2016

November 7th-14th, 2016

 FAM. Oh my goodness. Where to start. First of all, saying goodbye to Fenton was so hard!! Ugh. I stayed the night in Webster Groves until my new baby came on Wednesday!! It was super fun. I stayed with Sister Day and Sister Oldroyd, we all came out together and we all turn around trained together (which is when you just get done finishing your own training, then you train.) we were also all STLs together, and now we're kill training together! (which is where you train until you die in the mission.) On wednesday I got my 3rd baby!  Her name is SISTER BALL and she is SO COOL! I love her. She's from Idaho, just graduated in May (legit, so young.) I'm teaching her about mission life, but also real life on your own! It's her first time away from home. So we practice teaching people, but we also practice cooking and cleaning :) She always says "i literally have no idea what i'm doing. What do I even eat." hahahah it's so cute. She is so motivated to work though so it's gonna be a good transfer. 

Warrenton is very unique. The town is even smaller than Mahomet which I did't think was possible. The ward boundary is giant. We cover 20+ little towns. The Bishop called it the "Alaska" of the Stake haha. It's been interesting trying to figure out this area and train. Let's just say I'm incredibly tired haha. But it's been good! The ward is AMAZING. We have felt so loved and welcomed. We got involved right away and it's been so fun meeting all these awesome members and investigators the elders had. The members have been calling out of sheer excitement that they have sisters now and inviting us over! The ward seriously rocks. The Bishop and his family are SO COOL. 

We taught a bunch of investigators that the elders had. Jonas, from Belgium, is SO COOL. But he's moving! We taught Bruce, and he's just an "old drunk" in his words haha but he is the sweetest guy. His daughter and grandson were legit murdered so that's been super hard for him. We taught Tammy, Crystal and Dustin, just a whole bunch of people. We were teaching this couple in a smoke filled trailer in the middle of nowhere with the MANGIEST dog I've ever seen and I just thought to myself.... it doesn't get better than this:) Love it. I really want to work with Part Member families in this ward because there are a bunch. Everyone I've baptized on my mission has either been married to a member, friends with a member, or dating a member. MEMBER MISSIONARY WORK IS THE ONLY WAY!

Well peeps, that's about all the updates from Warrenton. I love the small towns, I love my companion, and I love the Lord! Life couldn't be better! Happy Happy Birthday tomorrow Mom! I love you guys!!

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