Tuesday, November 1, 2016

October 24th-31st, 2016

Hello family. This week was insane. We were go go go constantly. I LOVED IT. Thanks for all your emails, and happy halloween! 

Soooo long story hang in there. I was on exchanges with Sister Francis last week and it was 8:45 (the time all missionaries dread because it's too late to tract but too early to go back to the apartment) So we were looking through a list of "potentials" and there was one guy that stood out to us named Jim. But the paper said his wife was anti and not to go to the house. So we sent him a text message asking him if he wanted to meet. Long story short, Jim was beyond interested. He said the Mormon Church has been on his mind for months. Every time he drives by the church he feels a pull to go. He is SO PREPARED. It's just his wife :( We got to get her interested. He told us he prayed one night about what to do because he really wanted to strengthen his faith and get to church and we texted him about an hour later. THE SPIRIT IS SO REAL. He came to church and loved it.

John also came to church. He dropped his baptism date though :( He loved the primary program SO much. He is probably the funniest person I know. He said he believes the Book of Mormon is true, so we're trying to help him connect all the dots that if the Book of Mormon is true, so is everything else. Ugh. He wasn't getting it. One day it will all make sense! THE BOOK OF MORMON IS THE KEYSTONE OF OUR RELIGION. 

We taught Chrissy, Hunter, and Haley. I love them so much. They are so REAL. Ugh! Just the coolest, most down to earth, humble family. I meet a lot of crazy people, and they are just normal people looking for truth. It's refreshing. They are going through a lot with custody and stuff right now which breaks my heart. I'll send you pics of them, try not to DIE at how cute they are. 

Other updates:
I accidentally broke our phone in half. Oops.
Ward trunk or treat was the best thing that ever happened to me. We decorated our trunk Christmas theme. No other decorations but those.
Primary program is the best sunday of the year.
Transfers are next week and I think I'm leaving.
The Gospel is the only way to live.

I love you all!!!!!!! Thanks for all you do. I love this work with my whole heart!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Sister Broadhead 

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