Wednesday, January 18, 2017

January 2nd-9th, 2017


Holy smokes this week was incredible. I don't even know where to start. Probably with the best part. KURT AND EMILY GOT SEALED. No words can describe how I feel about it. Seeing Kurt in the House of the Lord. WOW. Obviously he doesn't have family to be at the temple with him, it was pretty much just me and Halee (the girl that introduced him to the church) and the YSA Bishopric (yeah, it's a ward now.) But when he walked into the sealing room, the first thing he said was a hushed whisper to Emily and he said "Sister Broadhead is here!" my heart exploded. It was the highlight of my whole entire mission. Every thing was worth it to see Kurt-o in the holy temple. After the ordinance when they let people talk to them on the way out I just hugged them and cried haha. I'm such a baby these days. I could barely get out the words "i'm so proud of you" they cried too, so that made me feel better. Took lots of pictures, and they made me be in them! I tried to get out of it and told them it was a family event but they wanted me in them which actually meant a lot to me. BEST DAY EVER PEOPLE. 

We had good lessons with the Ovitts, Jim, Bruce, Mary Ann, and the Higgins. So many good times. It snowed the day we went to teach the Ovitts and we had a really quick snow ball fight before the lesson. I taught them what white washing was, and lo and behold they white washed me like 3 times haha. Brother Higgins is like the all time coolest and funniest person ever, basically our best friend. I am so proud of him this week!! He's been reading his Book of Mormon so diligently AND he quit smoking cigarettes!! He has a dumb e cig that he's using to get off the cigarettes but it's making him sick, so he can't smoke that either! YAY! On Sunday he texted us that he wasn't coming to church and I was like NOOOOO so between ward council and church we went over and knocked knocked knocked knocked. Called called called called. Texted texted texted texted. I even threw rocks at his window to try and wake him up hahaha. Turns out he was sooooo sick from his e cig and didn't hear any of it. He was cracking up when we told him that we threw rocks at his windows and called me "the homie" haha. I will do anything to help him be ready to baptize Dominik. Unfortunately he only has the boys every other weekend :(

Time continues to fly. Quick funny story, there is this lady that comes to church every once in a while who is cray cray. She lives in a nursing home and yeah she's just crazy. But she calls on Sunday and says "i'm pullin up to church, I NEED YOU! Come outside!" so we go running outside the member that picked her up is getting her out of the car and into her wheelchair and she says i need to go to the bathroom NOW!!! I was like oh my gosh okay! She was like HURRY! hahaha so i am pushing her sooo fast in her wheelchair cruise up the ramp, into the church, and into the bathroom. I had to push her right into the stall and barely turned around by the time it went down. She is loudly narrating EVERYTHING and the stall wouldn't close with the wheel chair in there so I had to stand in the open gap and just smiled at everyone that came in and acted like nothing was wrong hahaha. Sister Ball was cracking up. Then she tells me she needs help... i look at sister ball and mouth "please no" hahah. I'll spare you the details, but I will say there was minor gagging and i accidentally gave her a wedgie hahahah. She was cracking up and said "now don't give me a wedgie you crazy sister!" hahaha there was a big ordeal when she wanted to bare her testimony too... there was a lot of eye signals and mouthing to the Bishop and deacon on the stand. Turns out they don't have a portable mic so the deacon had to wheel her up there and they lowered the pulpit and mic as far down as it would go and you couldn't see her but you could hear her and it was hilarious. She went on to completely roast us in front of the whole congregation but that's a long story for another time haha. 

I basically love being a missionary. Life is always an adventure. So many good times and good laughs. I hope you had a good week! Remember how much Heavenly Father loves you! I'm so grateful for all of you!! xoxo

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