Wednesday, January 18, 2017

January 9th-16th, 2017

Hola Familia.

Another great week. I'm trying to remember what happened because it flew by. So i've told you about freezing rain here... and this weekend we were supposed to get another massive ice storm. In fact, Missouri called for "a state of emergency" i was a little nervous honestly. Warrenton didn't get hit too bad. On the way home from O'fallon we did see like 5 semis upside down in the ditches and a lot of salt trucks and cops and tow trucks. Pretty crazy. Church was cancelled because of the ice. That's the second time church was cancelled this transfer. Ugh! I hate when we don't have church. I need the Sacrament, and so do the people we teach. Well, really everybody does haha. 

We had good lessons. My creativity lately is insane. We wanted to teach the Ovitts how important reading their Book of Mormon is, so we taught them the Iron Rod song, and talked about what the word of God is and how it can help us, and then we explained this game we were going to play. Sister Ball and I had previously strung up 130 yards of yarn alllllll over their yard. Around the front yard, back yard, through the trees, like this giant obstacle course. We told them the only rule was to not let go of the iron yarn. They were blindfolded and one of us tempted one and was the Holy Ghost for the other, and vice versa. Sooo hilarious people. They loved it. But then once they were done they were like "your turn!" and made us do it, they were horrible helpers haha I'm pretty sure i have a concussion from the mailbox and they were just CRACKING up. We also taught Jim, and Bruce, and Mary Ann, Brother Higgins... the works. I love the people we teach. Teaching Jim is so cool because he knows so much about the gospel already and I just desire the blessings of the temple for him so badly!! He is SO CLOSE but has decided he won't be ready by the 28th. Dominik's mom also would not consent to him being baptized either :( kind of a discouraging week, but we have faith that things will work out for these people. 

Words cannot describe how much I love this work! Sorry about the short email but we have to go.... too much to do! We couldn't email yesterday because of MLK day and we have a lot of proselyting to do. TTYL. Keep it real ya'll. I LOVE YOU!!! 

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